A change of wardrobe for your new job

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Slippers, T-shirts and worn-out jeans are out, while black, formal attire and neat shoes are in. This is the picture you need to have in mind when you step into your new job. The scruffy look won’t do in the corporate world; you will be meeting new faces and first impressions last. Building a work wardrobe from scratch is easy if you have a sense of style and the budget to match. Your first step to getting a new work wardrobe is to know what you’re looking for and sticking to the budget.

The classics

The best way to kick off professionalism is with a suit: The blazer and pants or skirt combo work wonders. Choose attire that is classic, professional and will stand the test of time – and it doesn’t need to be the cost of your whole salary. Pick a day when there is a massive sale and pick out a classic suit in any classic colour, such as black or grey.

The simple shirt

You will need at least six simple shirts. These will fill out your professional attire and will add a splash of colour to your look. There are many inexpensive shirts that go perfectly with any suit. But the must have which should never be replaced, is the classic white, silky top. Every professional woman wears this one item weekly. To mix up your look, pick blouses in a variety of colours, styles, and patterns. To save extra money, ensure that the tops you buy, don’t need to be dry cleaned.

Shoes to match

Good looking ladies shoes aren’t always comfortable. You need to be sure to invest in a pair of good looking, yet comfortable shoes. When going to the shops to look for shoes, make sure you choose a pair that is neutral in colour, – think grey, nude, black or brown.

Accessories to match

Accessories will round out your outfit perfectly. Don’t overdo the look as it can overwhelm your outfit and take away its class. Look for scarves, belts and necklaces which compliment your clothing. With a bit of mix and matching, you will have an outfit for everyday wear.

No matter what you do in life, always ensure that you do it in style. The way you look and feel can impact how you go about your work and can impact your career.

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