‘Securing the bag’ just got easier with Huawei Mobile Services

To ’secure the bag’ refers to someone getting what they want, making money, or achieving a goal. The phrase has become prominent in pop culture by way of hip-hop music. In order to secure the bag, you must work hard, be dedicated, and work smarter. To get started, here are three Apps, available from HUAWEI AppGallery, which will help you to secure your bag.

Securing the fashion bag

If you’re thinking of launching a fashion business like a clothing label or becoming a celebrity stylist, the fastest way to gain traction and reap financial rewards lies in e-commerce. More and more shoppers are going online to purchase clothes, shoes, and accessories. With so many fashion Apps and social media platforms, securing your fashion bag is simply a click away.

To launch your online clothing business with ease, we’ve identified Pickio. This is a fashion-based, international social media App where you can get new fashion ideas and inspiration. This App is also your daily fashion update. You can browse through the App and see what other people are wearing daily. Furthermore, you can present your boutique ideas to others on the App and get their opinions. If you get enough positive opinions, you can bring your idea to life, which is a great start, especially if you’re a budding fashion designer or stylist.

Securing the photography bag

The Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for photographers and aspiring photographers to sell their work, and this can be done from the comfort of your home. From printing your photos and turning these into wall-mounted displays to creating other visual merchandise to sell to local businesses, earning money from photography online can be lucrative. 

If you’re into lifestyle photography, i.e. shooting food for magazines and editorial photography like beauty and fashion, you will know the importance of using the best editing Apps and tools, which will help you secure more work in the future. Such an App to download is Photo Studio.  This is a powerful, multifunctional photo editing App for photographers on any level. Whether you’re looking for basic or advanced retouching of your photos, this App will ensure you produce the best results.

Securing the music bag 

Recording music is something that once required costly equipment and software. Nowadays all it takes to make the music you love and earn money from it, boils down to the type of phone you have. You can now make music with the help of mobile Apps like Remixlive – Make Music & Beats. This simple, intuitive music composition and performance App is easy to use. It allows you to build an entire performance with its Live Set feature. So, if you have a couple of great music mixes and would like to monetise these, then definitely download this one and dance all the way to the bank. 

Apps are meant to make life simpler, which allows you to think more creatively about your next big money moves. And, if securing the bag isn’t just about making money, these Apps will still help you achieve your goals no matter what they may be.

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