Why Varsity students should use Instagram

Beyond sharing selfies and pictures of your coffee, Instagram is the ultimate networking tool. As a student, it’s one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your career and get ahead in your college life.

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Instagram for networking

As a blogger, I’ve used Instagram to connect with other bloggers and creatives in my area. Recently, I stumbled across the @girlswhocode account and have been following #womenintech too. It’s such a great way to build relationships with people in my industry and beyond.

Using Instagram for networking

  • Search relevant hashtags – be sure to follow accounts you like and are popular in your industry.
  • Follow top local influencers and people in your industry who share their day to day work experiences on Instagram.
  • Engage! Networking is all about engagement: comment, and ask questions, share knowledge and lay the foundation for a good relationship. (note: this also benefits you! It brings visitors to your own feed, whilst making connections)

Your feed makes a difference

I’m the worst at this, but it’s a very important point to keep in mind: create a cohesive, captivating feed. You want your Instagram to show you in the best light, so if you’re using your account for networking avoid posting photos of yourself drunk or in a club.

Basic instagram photography tips

  • Take your photos in natural lighting
  • When taking several photos of the same thing (for example your study space), use different angles and make use of Instagram’s new Carousel feature to post two or more, without cluttering up your feed.
  • Remember the rule of thirds: things are more aesthetically pleasing the thirds, compared to twos.
  • Avoid filters that take away from the focus of your image.

Keep it classy, kids!

Instagram could make or break you landing a job. Many employers are starting to look at potential new employees’ social media and basing their opinion off of that person on what they see online. Remember that whatever you post should feel natural and be true to who you are. Your Instagram should reflect your personality.

Keep in mind the following when posting:

  • Does this photo violate the Instagram Community Guidelines?
  • Can it be considered offensive or rude?
  • Would I show it to my parents?
  • Would I be comfortable with my employer seeing this photo?
  • Does the photo fit my theme?
  • Am I presenting myself accurately?
Once you’ve posted your photo, be sure to interact with others in your circle. Make use of hashtags to increase the chances of your post being seen by more people. Never forget that people assume a lot about who you are in real life based on how you act online, so stay true to you.
This post was written by Rebecca Williams, if you want to read more of her work click here or follow her on Instagram 

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