Some beauty hacks that the ladies cannot miss out on! Save time. Look amaze!

Yes guys, you see us glamorous women looking clean, exfoliated and exuding as much confidence as the queen. Well let me just tell you that looking that good comes with a lot of time and patience and sometimes we’re also rushed and not in the mood to re-wash our hair or apply fake tan to the places we should have.

With that being said this is the perfect post to help the lazy yet glamorous girls out there keep it together without as much effort as usual!

We are all about Gelish these days. It’s convenient, it doesn’t crack or fall off and it keep us looking well kept for at least two weeks. However, the biggest down fall with Gelish is that it shows the re-growth of your nails, much like box dye!

Here’s a cute way to cover up the re-growth and still keep it looking good! Just add a touch of transparent glitter nail varnish! Voila, as good as new!

On days when you don’t want to mess with your whole makeup regimen, use lipstick to add a little color to your lips, cheeks, and eyes. Swipe your one-product wonder stick along your cheekbone, brow bone, and lips, then blend it out with your fingers for a subtle glow. There, now you look like a real human.

To contour your face, draw a backwards “3” (like the shape of an “E”) in a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone. Start the top line on your temple, put the middle line right below your cheekbone, and draw the bottom line underneath your jawbone. Then buff out the two shades, blending the lines completely for a seamless finish.

For funky hair that hasn’t been washed in over a week but you’re in such a rush that washing your hair will make you an hour late. You’re in luck because taking Johnsons Baby Powder pouring a good amount onto your head (not too much we don’t want our hacks to become obvious) and then massaging it into your scalp will cover up any grease!

To cover up the re-growth of colour all you have to do is tease your hair. Giving it height will make your roots less visible and obvious!

For cracked and uneven feet dabble in Essie’s ‘Swept off My feet’ serum.Apply the oil in the evening before bed time and in the morning, your feet will be soft and smooth.

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