Smart Fashion Tips for Students

As a student, one of the toughest challenges in your personal life is dressing well on a budget. Your parents might argue that you’re on campus for an education and not a fashion show…this won’t deter you from coveting the latest threads and sneakers.

We have a few tips and tricks that could help you balance both your budget and your fashion sense. When done correctly, there is a way to look smart on a budget.

Choose unbranded clothing –

Brand names aren’t everything, they aren’t necessarily better looking and they often cost twice as much as unbranded clothing. Choosing to go ‘unbranded’ might seem like a big deal but many people aren’t slaves to name brands and still manage to look stylish. You will save money by being able to buy more items for the same value.

Don’t follow trends –

This might seem like fashion suicide but new trends are made by people who don’t follow trends. If you really want to reinvent yourself and express your individuality after years of being forced to wear a school uniform, don’t follow trends. Create your own by mixing things up to and daring to be different.

Wear thing in new ways –

If your budget is tight, have another look at your wardrobe and see what you can repurpose. We tend to get in the habit of wearing similar outfits without realising that our wardrobes have multi-functionality. Experiment with different ways to wear your clothes and see your wardrobe ‘expand’.

Buy quality staple items –

Investing in a few quality items of clothing is always a good idea. These items will last you a few years and become your wardrobe ‘staples’ that you can mix and match with everything. Think coats, boots, skirts.

Never make clothing purchases on a whim –

Never buy something unless it truly speaks to you. People usually make the mistake of buying sale items, purely because of the discounted price and end up regretting the purchase a few weeks in. Only add items to your wardrobe that serve a purpose and items that you love.

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