It’s safe to say that 2015 is about to come to end and yet another year has just flown past. 2015 was a very fashion-forward and trendy year. We thought that we would share with you some of 2015’s most trending styles from throughout the year. Hope you enjoy the flashback!


  1. Remember when you were a kid? Gray hair was the most hideous do on earth. However, this year it has made a massive dent in trends. Gray hair on a young face is fashion forward and trendy in 2015. It’s the epitome of a style statement!


Jumpsuits! They’re just the best, accentuate you in all the right places,pretty much adding sexiness to a onesie. Jumpsuits have made a massive comeback and are in the list of 2015’s most stylish trends!


Now as long as it’s Faux fur, we’re happy! Faux gimlets, waistcoats, coats and scarves were a massive part of 2015’s winter moments!


2015 was pretty much a repeat of the 70’s trends and Suede being one of the most important fabrics this year has been used in the most syllish and fashionable ways ever seen!


Just like suede, fringe has literally brought us back from the 70’s. This trend has been one of the funnest trends. Anything from fringe shoes, skirts, tops, gillets, bags, you name it, they’ve fringed it!


Back in the day when your mum would go all matchy matchy on you, you would sooner die than be seen in public. Ha, well times they do change because in 2015 matching the top to the bottom is a style statement, and a very popular one to boot!

Birks, your boyfriend probably thinks you’ve just stepped out of the desert in an isolated nomad land when wearing Birkenstocks, but whether you love ’em or hate ’em, they’ve been a hit this year!


Short hair but long bobs have been trending all year ’round.Seeing girls with long luscious locks to short hair, and “don’t cuuuur”!


We honestly think this is the cutest trending style, I mean everyone loves glitter?


Sneakers and dresses make for the perfect ensemble. It’s playful and cute yet feminine and sexy. We are all for this trend!