Vosk Shoes Gives Back

Vosk Shoes is a proudly South African brand on a mission to improve the lives of less fortunate children. With every pair of Vosk Shoes purchased, we will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

By giving shoes to these children we enable them to attend school, play sports, protect them from cuts and bruises, infections and soil transmitted diseases. These shoes represent hope and opportunity in the lives of these children and you have the power to make that difference. When you buy a pair of Vosk Shoes you directly put a new pair of shoes on the feet of a child who desperately needs a pair.

Vosk Shoes was established in 2013. We achieved great success by selling an imported shoe to the South African community and made an impact on so many children’s lives. We have tested the market and built relationships with communities and charities and are now ready for our next adventure. We asked ourselves, how can we sell even more shoes? The answer was to bring production of a newly designed shoe to South Africa, create jobs and contribute to the South African economy. We believe that a locally designed and manufactured shoe will create more interest and thus help us to achieve our main goal – giving all the children in need a new pair of shoes.Vosk Shoes

Vosk Shoes are designed to be simple, comfortable and stylish. A shoe that will attract and suit everyone. Our shoes are made of canvas with a natural rubber sole and will initially come in 4 colours.

We are currently setting up our manufacturing in South Africa so we can directly contribute to our economy. Our shoes range from UK Size 3 – UK Size 12. Free Shipping in South Africa.

Vosk Shoes has partnered with Samaritan’s Feet who help us establish long and sustainable relationships with the communities in need.

We love spending time with these children. With every giving trip we wash the children’s feet and get to spend quality time with them. We ask about their dreams, their lives and give them words of wisdom and hope for the future. We know that children grow fast and that shoes don’t last forever. This is why we will return to each community at least once a year so we can serve these kids as they grow.


Shoes are symbolic of pride and give confidence to young learners knowing that they can walk to school in comfort, as opposed to barefoot. Many times children cannot attend school barefoot because shoes are a school uniform necessity. Shoes are also a vital protection barrier between our children’s tiny soles and Africa’s rough and unforgiving terrain.

The shoes will protect them from:

Cuts and bruises that can lead to infection

Soil transmitted diseases



Insect bites


Our Shoes Can be purchased at http://bit.ly/VoskShoes.


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