How should you spend your savings on medical insurance?

Chances are that you are paying far more for your medical aid than you should be. However, there are new emerging contenders in the market that bring you new options to save, all while taking care of your health, heart, and happiness. What on earth would you do with this extra money?

Oneplan Health insurance has a few ideas for you, in case you’re wondering how to spend those savings and keep a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy body and mind are maintained through a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle. Perhaps it’s a good idea to join a gym, or buy some running shoes. You could shop for fancy health foods or buy two packets of muesli instead of one.

Perhaps you are a techie and need to update your phone to the new Oneplan App, or the adventurer in you makes you want to go and join a Tough Mudder community in a different country. You could even come up with your own adventure sport that has never been played before.

If you’re looking for a local spend, perhaps you can help our very own JZ with #Nkandla, however we can insure you that a Oneplan policy is a better investment. In fact, you should leave that idea in the dust quicker than David Cameron resigned from British Parliament after the #brexit vote.

The most important thing about saving on medical costs for insurance is that millions more South African’s will have the opportunity to ensure their own health and well being for the first time ever. With over 40 million citizens still not covered, South Africa is looking for a fresh approach to medical coverage.

Don’t choose a third term at a medical aid that is taking from you without giving back. Choose a new plan that gives you peace of mind. Choose the people’s plan, Oneplan.