Studying, wine-ing, playing and glue-ing – it all comes together at Varsity College

Studying, studying, studying. To do it you need glue on your chair, a rocket-scientist sized brain and you’re entertained by drying paint. You’ve heard that rhyme before. But don’t be fooled, colleges in South Africa are about far more than sitting behind books – although there’s still enough of that.

Apart from working hard to make sure that your exam-time-glue-on-chair routine is well maintained you can also let your hair down. Most tertiary institutions have a wide range of sport that can appeal to anyone and Varsity College is no different.  You can improve your handicap with golf (I’m looking at those business students), or get that heart rate up with paddling, team sports and with a bump of adrenaline, mountain biking.

But if you’re more interested in a cerebral workout, don’t worry. Poetry readings, debates and even your own new social groups are there for you to express your interest – think book clubs, movie clubs, anything really. And after all that studying, popcorn and a movie with your friends can only go down very well.

Or you can use an evening in with your friends to start off a crazy night on a party bus (oh yes). And if you saw someone you fancy on campus it’s very likely that you can get a second look at them at the Mr & Miss VC event. You might want to try to sweep them off their feet by showing off your dad’s old moves at a VC dance-off or the talent show, just try not to hurt yourself.

Now that already is quite a bit to keep you busy when you just aren’t feeling like the books (don’t forget that glue!). You might feel a little overwhelmed with getting your bearings in all of this. But the orientation week is there for guiding you through all of that.

At VC, the vibe is the student life. With a ton of support services like the Career Centre, you’re bound to become a success. We have a unique student-centred approach that gives you the full varsity experience, but also helps you become the best possible student and graduate you can be. So join the clan and get the most balanced student experience you can possibly hope for.

If you’d like to inquire about the programmes available to you, contact Varsity College or visit the Varsity College website

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