The first all women EP in hip hop drops its second installment, inspired by 2000 women of 1956 who walked to the Union Building in Pretoria to protest against the unjust laws enforced on women in South Africa at the time, hip hop 411 teamed put this collection of female MC’s together, to show the masses that female rappers are making their mark in SA hip hop and should be heard.

We had a brief interview with Mblee Da Durt and Lwazi about this project and this is what they had to say:

Who is Mblee Da Durt and Lwazi?

1.Mblee is a burst of positive energy, that connects easily to other beings. Mblee is a Femcee Who made her break when she was featured on The Hustle season 2. Love music but I am passionate about so many other things like TV and creating. She then started to brand out and tighten her brand by becoming a VJ for VOOV SA as time went by I decided to take the VJ thing seriously and now I work hand in hand with Lwazi Nonyukela at HIPHOP411 in creating amazing content, and numerous other projects

Lwazi is the founder of and pioneer of HipHop411 former graffiti artist and award-winning producer. He is dedicated hard working and inspiring individual, passionate about the Hip Hop 411.

How would you describe your sound?

  1. I would describe my sound as extremely versatile, it varies from trap to trap soul with influences of Dancehall Trap, which you will hear in the compilation.

Who are some of your all-time favorite female rappers?

  1. All-time favorite would have to be Missy and Lil Kim and currently, Nicki Minaj. I create music for everyone who can relate for everyone needs an escape. One of my biggest motivations for making music is providing a way for my fans to escape whatever it they may be going through.

Who do you make music for?

  1. For all the aspiring artists out there trying to breakout in the industry. I would like to show them that it’s possible share your gifts with the world

How would you describe the current state of music in SA?

5.The songs are versatile because it’s music released by different female rappers, so styles vary. It’s nice to put it all into a compilation so people can here all the ladies at once. Hip Hop 411 aims to create an union and pioneer the growth of the female rap industry.