Ricci-Lee Kalish is a 23-year-old Johannesburg based actress and Fashion Blogger. Her first feature film, “Necktie Youth” takes a hard, long and raw look into the lives of 20-somethings living in Joburg. These youths go on a drug-filled journey while trying to confront a changing society that lacks the hope and colour first expected in 1994. Her passion for acting is paired with her passion for film and Jozi in her highly anticipated blog “Big Bad Wolf” being launched soon. Kalish is a stylish, thought-provoking individual with a clear lust for fashion, life and all things nice. Student Brands looks forward to the release of her blog’s official website.

Find out more about this blonde bombshell below :

What can you tell us about being a Fashion Blogger?

Firstly, if you are not motivated or disciplined to get work done and get the best work possible it is not affecting anyone else but your own brand. Secondly, People seem to look down on you when you tell them about blogging. Listen here: its a shit ton of work with your name written all over it. If you f**k up there is no one else to blame. I believe Fashion blogging is about having confidence and not taking ‘No’ for an answer when it comes to your own ideas.

What platform do you use to showcase your content?

So My Big Bad Wolf website is a week away from launching and will be found at www.bigbad.co.za. Right now I am focusing all my content on my Instagram (BigBadWolf_SA) and Facebook pages (Big Bad Wolf)

What can you say about the acting industry for the youth of today?

Living in South Africa the acting industry is small yet is thankfully growing. What is disappointing are the agencies in this industry. They do not focus on the actors strengths and weaknesses but send them on every casting call no matter the role. I believe once the Agencies start seeing actors as artists and not just a way to make money then things will change, but until then most actors are stuck going to shitty advertisement castings with people who are not actors, rather just pretty faces who do it part time. Actors deserve more!

What was your role in the film “Necktie Youth?”

In the film Necktie Youth I play the character of Rafi. A nice Jewish girl living in a beautiful northern suburb home. She comes from a stable background yet is unhappy with her mundane life thus pushes the boundaries by experimenting with sex and drugs. I believe Rafi’s character is afraid of being seen as just another privileged white girl, going to the extreme to prove society (and herself) wrong.

Do you believe in method acting?

I believe there are certain roles which call for method acting. But acting is an art form which one should be able to switch on and off or it will ruin your life. Method acting should be used with caution. I believe your body will start forgetting who your real ‘self’ is and that’s when massive issues come into play like depression for example. I pray one day I will find a role deep and juicy enough for me to try my hand at method acting.

Where do you draw inspo from?

My inspiration comes from Johannesburg and the people that inhabit it. There’s a non-stop energy and hustle that this city holds. I love the fact that if you stop for a second you get left behind. This constant movement and energy is what inspires me. I am a Jozi-baby through and through.