SpudMaster 2017 Winner: Q&A


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  1. Why did you decide to study to become a chef?

TT: I am studying to become a chef, because I am very passionate about food and the hospitality industry.

  1. How long have you been studying for?

TT: I am currently bust with my 1st year of studying professional cookery. However, I have taken hospitality as a subject for three years in high school.

  1. Why did you choose Capital Hotel School?

TT: The reason why I chose Capital Hotel School was not only because of the qualifications they offer but also from the very moment I set foot on their campus, I know the Lord wanted me to attend classes at this school. I felt peace in my spirit the whole time during the Open Day. I prayed about which school I should go to, so I chose Capital Hotel School because God chose this school for me.

  1. Where do you get your inspiration for Spudmaster competition?

TT: My inspiration came from my hometown, which is Paarl and my mother Nadia Theunissen.

  1. How do you manage your time between going to school and learning how to cook?

TT: Honestly, I wish I cooked as much as I should. I get home in the evenings most days due to transport so I don’t get the time to cook for the family. When I do get home the food is already cooked and it’s too late to start making supper. In the time period that I am not there, I either do homework, study for exams or chill out with friends.

  1. What is your favourite style of cooking?

TT: My favourite style of cooking is Baking

  1. What is your favourite cuisine?

TT: African Cuisine

  1. What made you want to take part in the Spudmaster competition?

TT: I first prayed about it and also the fact that I like potatoes. It was a really great substitute for bread when there wasn’t any bread, I’d make myself a spud.

  1. What did you enjoy most about the Spudmaster competition?

TT: I enjoyed the process of making the food and also that we had to be innovative and creative with potatoes.

  1. What was your inspiration behind the dish that you presented at the Spudmaster Jnr competition?

TT: My inspiration behind my dish was the whole idea of fish and chips. Growing up fish and chips was and still is the “it” food for us. I loved the fact that from the fish parcel we all could take a piece and eat. It literally brought my whole family together.

The reason why I made a casserole was that potatoes symbolise Ubuntu. Just like a casserole, which feeds more than one person and has the ability to bring people together, so does the spirit of Ubuntu.

  1. How did you find working with potatoes as a main component in the dish?

TT: I found it really challenging but also at the same time – easy. Looking at a potatoes quality, it contains a lot of starch and while making the sauce for the casserole dish, I had to keep in mind that I did not immerse it for too long or else it would gelatinase. The fact that potatoes usually absorb and tend to be flavourless, I used this to my advantage by introducing the potato to my own specific flavours that I wanted to incorporate into my dish.

  1. Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?

TT: Honestly, I admire any chef that can reflect their passion through their work, their food and actions. I was never one to be bound by favourites because I believe there is something special and something to be admired by us all.

  1. What do you do in your free time?

TT: I bake in my free time. I am a sporty person too so I enjoy running.

  1. What is your favourite subject at school?

TT: My favourite subject in school is the ‘Who concept of food sciences’. I would love to take an advanced course to study food science. I have always been interested in knowing what takes place during food whilst it’s cooking. I also feel that it would give me a better understanding of food itself.

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