Total SA in Conjunction with Sibikwa Arts Centre

Total South Africa recognises the need to develop young artists by expanding and growing the art industry. It is for this reason Total South Africa is celebrating its 20 years of partnership with the Sibikwa Arts Centre. Total recognises the need to contribute positively to the community and environment in which it operates and wishes to demonstrate how these communities, through its support, has thrived in the arts.



The centre has a hand at providing its services to some of South Africa’s best entertainers including the talented singer/ songwriter, Lira as well as actress Connie Chiume proving that the Sibikwa Arts Centre values in further developing young artistic talent and in turn growing the Art industry.

About Sibikwa Arts Centre

Founded by Smal Ndaba and Phyillis Klotz, Sibikwa Arts Centre is a multi – disciplinary arts and culture centre that focuses on providing art programmes to not only the community but street children and prisoners. We asked Phyilis a few questions about the Sibikwa Arts Centre and this is what she had to say:

What is the Sibikwa Arts Centre about?

Sibikwa seeks to redress the inequalities of the past by offering nationally recognised qualifications to marginalised youth. It seeks to use the arts and in particular art education to develop individuals and their communities.

What struggles would you say that the youth of today is facing?

In the 4th  technological industrial revolution the majority of our young people those who attend  20000 schools in South Africa receive a below standard education which does not equip them for the 21st This coupled  with poor economic growth leads to all the social ills we experience.

Why is it important to have such programmes that develop young artists in South Africa?

Programmes such as are offered at Sibikwa give youth from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to acquire vocational skills , gain confidence learn to communicate and assist in their school studies. We endeavour to build well rounded individuals through the arts.

Arts is a very broad term. Which fields are primarily being focused on?

We primarily focus on the performing arts. In music we teach African instruments only.

What words of encouragement would you give the youth of today?

If you make a mistake learn from it. Pick yourself up and keep on going.