AIESEC – Youth Speak Forum

For over 60 years, AIESEC has been developing youth leadership all over the world and up to date, we are present in over 120 countries in the world, becoming the world’s largest student-run organization. More than just providing youth with opportunities for them to develop through experiential learning, we are also the platform for the global youth voice. That is why AIESEC created the Youth Speak Forum, an opportunity for youth to have constructive conversations with global decision makers.

In South Africa, the Youth Speak Forum powered by AIESEC in South Africa seeks to accomplish the same goals for South Africans. We recognize the social and economic issues persisting in the country and the need for youth and top leaders to come together and join forces to make positive impact for the country.

AIESEC South Africa has built multiple steps leading to a constructive conversation during the Youth Speak Forum. First step is the Youth Speak Survey which aims to collect youth opinions to better understand what they care about the most. This survey will provide decision makers (companies, the government, organizations, AIESECers) with key insights to generate projects and actions to impact the country. The 2014-2015 Global Youth Speak Survey was created in collaboration with PwC and collected over 42 000 responses world-wide.

Second step of the process is the Youth Speak Insights, the report that reflects the data gathered in the Youth Speak Survey and allows AIESEC and the country to take decisions that influence strategy and operations of our organization.

Finally, the Youth Speak Forum is a one-day event that brings together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues. The forum aims to create an environment to gain new perspectives to create actionable outcomes and projects to push South Africa forward. These projects are connected to the insights we gain from the survey.

With the ideas generated during the Youth Speak Forum, we would like to potentially move forward and make them a reality: the Youth Speak Projects. The projects, with the aim to solve a current issue in South Africa or for the organization that posed the challenge, could then be created and implemented by the participating students with the help of AIESEC and the business and thought leaders involved.

One of the major concerns in South Africa is education and we have recently seen the youth speak up about this issue through the #FeesMustFall movement. The upcoming South African Youth Speak Forum will be centered on this topic and we will aim to come up with projects that can add more value to our current education system so that it may help our youth become more employable. So what is your stand on education in South Africa? Voice your opinion by completing the survey!

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