Team Work

It should be like primary school, the more we are, the bigger the college

Team workThey say it is hard to find good a team when starting out in a company, mainly because we are not able to pay the team; it is even harder when you are in this age where we start businesses in the cloud.

I personally run a motivational company and we offer writing and speaking services. Last year we wanted to do something in the art space, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me, myself and I’. So we looked into doing a charity auction and art exhibition on World Art Day.

One thing about this project is that there was no budget for it, but there was a will. So as an entrepreneur I made sure that I had a team that would help me out in making it a reality. So I spoke to a few organizations and friends and we made it happen.

One of the most important rules you need to know as an entrepreneur is that you need to be able to bring good minds together. Even if you do not have the money to pay them, if you have a good idea you will have a good team. You just have to know how to present your idea and draw people to it.

These are the type of people I normally have on my team, these people are vital for every team:

Doers– you need people who have done something in their lives, this guarantees that you have people in your team who know what it takes to make a project work.

The best– it is important that you work with the best and not the rest; they will teach you a few things along the way and help you get the job done

Leaders– real leaders do not want followers, you need people who can lead within their space of influence and thus help the brand and the company grow.

If you want such people, you need to be a CEO, which is a Chief Excitement Officer.

Learn to sell your idea and draw people to it!

By: Thabo Ledimo

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