You are a Worthy Scholarship Candidate

With the thousands of scholarships available online today, spraying and praying will not do the trick in making you a worthy scholarship candidate. With so many students competing for study funding opportunities one needs to make it a point that their application stands out from the rest.

Proving that you are a worthy candidate out of thousands of skilled applicants requires more than just a typical statement that describes accomplishments and goals.  The trick is to place value on emphasizing your long term goals in a unique, way that proves your leadership experiences.


In your application form describe yourself by stating your short and long term goals by explain what you have done and what you plan to do to realize them. This will communicate a track record of successful achievements, motivation and dedication. Add individuality and uniqueness to your application by using failures or obstacles that you have faced in the past to show your persistence and resilience.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab advises you to write about how unique elements of your life, such as culture, traditions or hardships have shaped your values and aspirations.

Leadership implies independence, organization and courage – all positive attributes for a scholarship candidate. In your writing provide examples of circumstances in which you have held leadership roles, including clubs, organizations, movements, conflicts, academics and athletics and there for explain what you learned from your leadership experiences and why you are a good leader.

By adding these elements and to your application letter, can help you convey to the scholarship committee how their funds will directly help you accomplish your objectives that and prove to them that you are a candidate worth investing in.

By: Ruth Ngobeni