How to Meet New People

For many people, when moving to a different area, making new friends may seem
like a daunting task, particularly if you’re an introvert like me. Here are some tips
and tricks that may help you build new bridges.

Because birds of a feather often flock together, a good place to start would be with
your interests. Make a list of all the activities and hobbies you enjoy. Thereafter do
some research about what clubs and groups are available in your area. In a big city
like Jozi, you can get really creative as there are clubs for pretty muchly everything
ranging from sport to gaming to reading and so on.

A great way to expand your social group is to rebuild old friendships. Use social
media apps like Facebook to see if anyone you knew has moved to the same area
and strike up a conversation with them.

Try to engage the people around you. Whether you’re working in an office or at
university pretending to study, you may very well be surrounded by people with
similar backgrounds and interest. With a positive attitude and warm smile, a lot of
these common interest may soon lead to social interactions.

Make time for the little things in life. It may be something as simple as holding a
door for someone or sharing a cup of coffee with a coworker that could very well
build the foundations of a friendship.

It’s often the case that if you make a new friend or two, after a while they may
introduce you to some of their social groups. This helps a lot when it comes to
meeting new people. So don’t feel let down if it takes a while to make new friends
because you often only need to get close to a handful of people to build up a social

In other words, the best way to make new friends is to be genuine, positive and
engaging. Don’t view it as a daunting task but rather as an opportunity to start a
fresh chapter in your life.

Written by: Janlouis Strydom