Why you should be driving a used car

Money is often tight for students. And one of the expenses which students need to think about is transport. If walking or using public transport isn’t an option for you, you’ll need to think carefully about buying a car. You need an affordable car, which can get you and your friends safely from point A to point B.

Financial sense

An option which you could consider is buying a used car. More and more people are seeing the value in buying cars which aren’t new. Lower price, slower depreciation of value and increased flexibility are all reasons to consider buying a used car.

A basic, reliable car – like one of the many used Chevrolet cars for sale – makes more financial sense to buy than a new car. You’ve heard it a million times, for very good reason, that new cars depreciate the minute they’re driven off the showroom floor. Simply put, you start losing money right away.

Know the possible risks

But, as with most things, along with the advantages come a number of risks. A used car may have mechanical or structural problems. Replacement parts may be difficult to find at an affordable price. The seller may not be entirely honest about the car’s mileage or condition, and the warranty may no longer be available. Your challenge, as the potential buyer, is to make the most of the used car’s advantages while educating yourself about the possible risks.

Things to think about

When deciding what car to buy, you’ll need to think about many of the factors which you would have thought about when buying a new car. These include:

  • What you can afford to pay to buy the car.
  • What you can afford to pay to operate, repair and maintain the car.
  • What you’ll be using the vehicle for.
  • How long you plan to keep the car.
  • The size, style and features you’re looking for.

Do your research

There are a number of car models which are known for being safe, reliable and comfortable. These include Toyota, Ford or Chevrolet, all which tend to make good choices for second hand cars. You’ll also need to consider the costs to maintain the car as there are certain brands which are more affordable than others.

It makes financial sense to buy a used car. Just be sure to conduct your research carefully and be certain your choice is a reliable, quality car.

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