New invention has to be one for the books

Innovation Clock Introducing you all to Sensorwake. Instead of being abruptly woken up by loud beeping sounds, setting the tone for a bad day, rather get woken up by your favourite scent. The Sensorwake diffuses scents at the time of your alarm. This works by using a cartridge, similar to how some plug-in air fresheners work. When the alarm goes off, it diffuses the scent for three whole minutes.

“According to Sensorwake, you should be woken up by wafts of croissants (or whatever your aroma of choice is) within two minutes. After that, if you haven’t rolled out of bed to turn it off, it’ll beep like the annoying kind of alarm you tried to avoid in the first place.”

In total there are 15 scents available, including mint, coffee and money.. Money???Each cartridge has a lifespan of 30 uses.. so pretty much just over a month (because weekends are for sleeping in). The Sensorwake can be purchased on their website :

It costs $109 in the US. Australian and UK availability and pricing haven’t been announced, but that’s about AU$150 or £75 converted or R1500. Soooo worth it though!


Lenovo Legion PC and Monitor Partnership with Apex Legends Global Series

Lenovo™, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) and Respawn Entertainment announced Lenovo Legion will continue powering transformational experiences for Apex Legends Global Series esports competitors as it takes its official gaming equipment partnership to the next level. As the world’s top PC maker1, Lenovo is committed to providing high-performance equipment for top-tier competitive gaming experiences. Lenovo will provide more than 400 high-performance Lenovo Legion PCs and gaming monitors […]

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Apps to empower girls this International Day of the Girl

the world recognises International Day of the Girl. By virtue of their gender and age, girls face enormous challenges the world over. They’re often denied basic human rights and, as a result, struggle to fulfil their potential. Established by the United Nations and first held in 2012, International Day of the Girl, raises awareness of […]

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DIGIX Lab to empower developers on the African continent

For developers out there, having a designated space to go to when working on your next big App idea will without a doubt play an instrumental role in the successful development of your App as well as its growth. The Huawei DIGIX Lab in Johannesburg is another way that Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) is proving […]

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