Are you looking for a campus laptop, one that fits into your bag, has great battery life and makes getting your work for varsity done just a lot easier than sitting in the Computer Labs at campus with more viruses than one can ever imagine?

We may have found the answer to your deepest desire with the Acer 10 Switch. It is pretty nifty and packs a punch for such a small computer. Now when we say punch we don’t mean this is going to replace your gaming pc or designing graphics for graphic design students. You all know you need stronger pc’s than a mini laptop but for the rest of you this baby could work.

Who we think this laptop could work for?

This laptop is more for the BA/LLB/B.ED and most BCom students. This baby can do a lot for you.

We chucked this into our content managers handbag and she walked around a whole day with it. It wasn’t noticeable in her handbag but she could take it out and work on it whenever she wanted or needed too. What this means for you, is you can pop it into most bags, or fit it between your textbooks and not add a lot of weight to your campus bag. Making it not only back friendly but safer on the taxi on the way home.

How well did it work?

With medium usage, the battery lasted about a day from watching a few YouTube videos, going onto Facebook as well writing out assignments. For watching movies and videos, you going to get quite a few decent hours of usage, before the battery no longer has any juice in it.  The charger is fairly small so you can fit it into your bag as well and charge it as you can on campus. We know some of the older buildings don’t really have laptop charging points and the few plugs normally have 20 phones plugged into them.

What we liked about it?

One of the things we liked was how versatile it is, the keyboard isn’t permanently attached to the laptop, so you can use the tablet more as a laptop for when you aren’t typing assignments but rather just using it for digital copies of your textbooks. So your campus bag may have just gotten a lot lighter. It is great in tablet mode for watching movies in bed or just for basic internet browsing. The screen is a touch screen so you can still type on your social media.

It runs Windows 10, so it is friendly to all your office needs as well as very Google friendly. This is a bonus because no weird non compatible programs for you, if windows can run it, you should be able to run it.

The laptop comes in a huge variety of colours so you could even get it in a bright and funky pink, or black. We were really happy with the silver one, as it looked sleek and polished when we took it out of our bag.

Last thoughts:

This is by no means the strongest laptop on the market but if you are looking for something inexpensive, easy to carry and great for average student use this is could be the answer to your prayers.

P.S. Our content manager is seriously considering getting one for her Mother.

Let us know if you did decide to buy the laptop.