As a generation growing up in a world fully immersed in digital, Gen-Zers need smartphones that will give them access to the internet, music and video. Other important considerations are the ability to stay connected to friends, and keep up with their favourite celebrities, as well as the latest trends through social media. The HUAWEI nova 8 and HUAWEI nova Y60 are two of the best phones that every Gen-Zer must have, and Huawei will be bringing them out soon! 

Unleash your Supernova 

Just like the supernova star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness, you too will suddenly feel the effects of owning one of the coolest devices to hit the market right now. With the HUAWEI nova 8 and HUAWEI nova Y60, once you hold one of these smartphones in your hands, you’re guaranteed to be the shining star among your friends because of the spectacular features that come with these devices.

HUAWEI nova 8

A visual engagement 

The HUAWEI nova 8 comes in a stunning Blush Gold colourway. It features a curved design at both front and rear, making it smooth and sleek with a thin and light body that weighs just 169g, which is a nice size for your hand. 

Snap the best quality pics

Gen-Zers just love a good pic. Whether it’s a selfie or a group pic, capturing your favourite moments is what it’s all about. The HUAWEI nova 8 32MP High-res Front Camera makes you and your friends look stunning in every selfie. The 64MP High-res Main Camera and Ultra-Wide Angle Camera will make sure that whatever pic you take, your footage will be super spectacular. 

Super-fast performance 

Thanks to the 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge support that comes with the HUAWEI nova 8, your smartphone can be charged to 60% in just 15 minutes and 100% in 35 minutes, which means no stress about running out of battery during movies or gaming with friends.


Then there’s the HUAWEI nova Y60. Covered with a simple yet trendy hood, the HUAWEI nova Y60 is available in two classic colour ways – Crush Green and Midnight Black. It also features a slim fingerprint unlock key at the centre of its right side, enabling smooth operation. Using the fingerprint unlock key, users can light up and unlock the display in a blink of an eye and to switch off the device all you need is a long press.

Capture every angle effortlessly

The HUAWEI nova Y60 comes with a solid AI Triple Camera, allowing users to capture clearer photos of everyday moments with ease. The 13MP Main Camera has an f/1.8 large aperture – the bigger the aperture, the more light your smartphone camera can gather, which is needed to capture great quality pictures.

Spend more time doing what you love thanks to long battery life

The HUAWEI nova Y60 comes with a 5000mAh large battery and Huawei’s power-saving AI Algorithms, which allows you to create more content to watch and share with your friends. Coupled with the Ultra Power Saving mode, the HUAWEI nova Y60 can last longer even when the battery level is low, which is good if you spend a lot of time on your phone. 

Huawei’s latest nova Series elevates the smartphone experience with a bold design, advanced camera capabilities and productivity-boosting features, which is just what Gen-Zers need to fully enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought by technology.