The HUAWEI P40 lite, which will be launched in SA on 18 May, is the ideal smartphone for every smart and ambitious young consumer. This phone is not just about impeccable photography, which is supported by a 48MP Quad AI Camera, nor its exquisite design, which is supported by a unique matrix setting. There are many more impressive features hidden in the HUAWEI P40 lite, so here are three reasons that are bound to ensure that this device, Huawei’s second phone in SA to come with the HMS ecosystem, becomes the youth’s favourite android smartphone.

1. Unleash your expressive and passionate love for photography

The HUAWEI P40 lite comes with a setup of four cameras, which consists of a 48MP Quad AI Camera for vivid, clear super HiRes photos, an 8MP Ultra-Wide lens, a 2MP Macro lens and a 2MP Bokeh lens. This is a setup designed for all sorts of photography scenarios. The 48MP main camera uses 4-in-1 Light Fusion technology to drive light into the lens for high-resolution photos. This is ideal for capturing nature-centric photos, like the beautiful red, orange and pink sunsets we are often treated to in South Africa. 

Do you have trouble taking wide panoramic videos? The HUAWEI P40 lite solves this issue with its 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens, which allows you to capture a photo of an entire soccer field by simply pointing and clicking. The camera is AI-powered, meaning it will automatically detect the adequate shooting scenario on your behalf.

How about discovering the world we love from a different perspective? For example, have you ever wondered what sugar granules look like from up close? Or perhaps one of the many insects we find in our gardens? With the 2MP Macro Lens, you can take photos of objects from 4cm away – and yes, with the HUAWEI P40 lite they will be of only the best quality. Looking to capture a portrait photo of professional quality, where you have a deliberately blurred background and a starkly stunning subject? This can be taken easily with the 2MP Bokeh lens found in the HUAWEI P40 lite camera setup.

2. Go all day without stopping

Our mobile phones are used for almost every aspect of our lives, so they need to provide us with a smart user experience, as well as sufficient power to back it up. We all want a smartphone that will let us stream videos online, play online games, record hi-res videos and download whatever we like from the internet without worrying about our battery life. The HUAWEI P40 lite comes with a large 4200mAh battery and a 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge charger, which can charge the battery from empty to 70% in an astonishing 30 minutes. The HUAWEI P40 lite also comes with 6GB RAM, which assures smooth performance with all that work load, plus 128GB internal storage that is sufficient for a great deal of videos, photos, games and apps.

3. Play and chat simultaneously

Gaming is a delight with the HUAWEI P40 lite. It boasts HUAWEI’s 6.4-inch Punch FullView Display with a wide colour gamut and a big screen-to-body ratio of 90.6%. The HUAWEI P40 lite’s latest GPU Turbo technology also breaks the bottleneck that holds back the GPU, CPU and EMUI. By enabling the software to work better with the hardware, it greatly enhances the processing efficiency and gaming experience of the device. It supports many popular games and provides a high frame rate for smooth gaming. 

But what makes the HUAWEI P40 lite’s gaming credentials really impressive is its Game Dock. No one likes it when they get a notification in the middle of a game, especially when you’re in the heat of the action! Introducing the HUAWEI P40 lite’s Game Dock, a feature that has redefined the gaming and chatting experience altogether. It is now possible to add a chat box into the game interface; you can also adjust its size and position. Other options include Do Not Disturb, which hides notifications while you are playing, screenshot, screen recording and many more. Stay in touch with those you want to stay in touch with while not missing a second of game time.

4. Discover more with HUAWEI AppGallery

The HUAWEI P40 lite comes with Huawei’s app store, HUAWEI AppGallery. This app platform comes with an impressive choice of both local and global apps, which ensures the young consumer will have all the apps they can’t live without, as well as those they didn’t know they needed. You can access all the most popular social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, on your HUAWEI P40 lite. You can also rest assured that all your information is safe, as Huawei’s app security is top-notch, with a four-layer detection system. It includes thorough scans of everything that you download, and warns you if a file is a security risk.  

The HUAWEI P40 lite will be available later this month from and all mobile operators.