Becoming a student is one of the most significant parts of life, since it has to do with education and improving your skills to find work. Whether you’re deciding on a BA degree or going to Medical School, attending college or university means changing your living situation. One of the most important items you can own during this time is a car. For many people, becoming a student and being allowed to drive will happen in the same few years. This is why many are happy to start driving, since it means their independence. They can then travel where they like without worrying about relying on others, such as parents.

To that end, it’s worth thinking about which used cars are best for the average student. This can have a huge impact on how you’ll be studying and even where you’ll be staying when trying to pursue a degree.

Do students need cars?

The first question to ask is if you even need a car. Most students will find it essential, especially if they do not live anywhere close to their university. While it’s true they could opt for public transport, lift clubs and so on, nothing provides the independence of their own vehicle. It also doesn’t restrict them, meaning they can continue to live wherever they like – such as with family or loved ones, so they do not need to stay in residences or closer places.

There are downsides, of course. Research from NerdWallet indicates several reasons to keep the a car at a parent’s home.

“Even though your child has probably been driving unsupervised for a year or two already, taking a car to college may not be wise. Living away from home with a vehicle is a big responsibility and can have a major impact on your child’s safety, as well as your car insurance rates and overall finances.”

That still doesn’t negate the necessity of a vehicle, only that it’s kept at home while they study. Cars are still important and, to give their child independence, many parents opt for it. Therefore it’s important to consider the best ones available.


The idea of owning an Audi might seem fanciful but due to the quality of the automaker, their second hand vehicles are consistently excellent. As Car Scoops points out, for example, the critically acclaimed B7 RS4 was built around 2007 and it’s “the best second-hand sports sedan you can buy in this segment and price range.” That doesn’t mean that when you’re looking for used Audi for sale, you should opt for the sports car. It just shows that the quality Audi puts into their cars is legendary.

So when you’re considering second-hand cars, look at Audis as you probably can’t go wrong.


Another consistently excellent brand, Mazda has provided plenty of drivers with excellent service throughout its life. The Mazda 2 is regarded as an exemplar of the company’s consistently excellent service delivery. As Biz News highlighted:

“Reverse camera, satellite navigation, climate control, seat heaters, leather alcantara trim combo, it’s all here. Then factor in the stunning way everything is put together and you’ve got a serious winning combo. Round air vents, swooping dashboard lines and infotainment system that’s actually integrated into the dashboard rather than stuck on as an afterthought just makes the Mazda 2 an extremely nice place to be.”

This might just be the best hatchback on sale today, providing all the benefits that will help students in their daily life.


One of the most famous brands in the world, Fiat is often associated with young people and therefore students. It’s been a first car for many generations of people. That tradition of being solidly built continues today.

As The Telegraph notes: “cute 500 has pretty much cornered the market for designer urban cars, thanks to its combination of style and affordability. It looks as charming on the inside as it does on the outside, while its dinky dimensions combine with light steering to make it feel right at home in the city. A 2015 update brought refreshed styling, a new entertainment system and more personalisation options.”

It makes for a perfect city car. Small cars are great for the average student, since they don’t need to worry about lifting kids or spouses around.

These are just some vehicles worth considering as a student. Life should primarily be about studying and not all the messiness involving transportation. However, you can relieve some of that concern by focusing on vehicles that will benefit you. These are some of the most ideal for the average student. You need a car to get around, lift your things and get you to various locations. Student life might be focused on learning, but you still have a regular life to lead and need to care for it. That means you must find the right vehicle for the job.