4 Foods You Love, but Should Hate!

By Martha Chauke

Living in the modern, urbanised and westernised Mzansi leaves you eating take-aways more often than on weekends only, right? We are all guilty of this. There’s nothing wrong with eating junk food occasionally. However, our busy school lives, work schedules and never-ending to-do lists beg us to “drive through” a few more times than just once a month. The problem lies with “thinking” we are making “healthier” junk food options. When most of the time our choices are wrong. So, which of your favourite funk food choices are more bad for you than you thought? Let’s find out…

  • Your favourite Wimpy burger is high in calories. What makes it worse, grills and steaks are best for sit-in vibes, but we opt for take-away options because we are always too hungry to wait.

BAD – Double Bacon & Cheese burger: 765 kcal, 3203 kJ of energy and 55.2 g of fat.

BETTER – Wimpy burger (R44): 421 kcal, 1760 kJ of energy and 19.4 g of fat.

  • Steers makes the best burgers by far! Have you tried their famous Mighty King Steer burger? They are no words that can describe how kingly it feels to devouring it! Yet, this isn’t the heaviest offer.

BAD – Double rack Steers ribs & med chips: 1,112 kcal, 4653 kJ of energy and 54.0 g of fat.

BETTER – Chicken Burger (R46.90): 391 kcal, 1636 kJ of energy and 11 g of fat.

  • Don’t we all love doddling into Nando’s for the whole world to see and not so much into KFC? But, isn’t all flame-grilled chicken supposed to be healthy? Let’s say the quantity matters here.

BAD – R92.80 Half chicken and large wedges (up-size): 1,132 kcal, 4736 kJ of energy and 60.0 g of fat.

BETTER – R52.90 Vitality meal (chicken breast, mealie & salad): 341 kcal, 1426 kJ of energy and 6.3 g of fat.

  • Firstly, there’s a KFC everywhere, open 24hrs, seven days a week. You are not to be blamed for falling into temptation every time you see one. We tend to forget that no one can finish a 21-piece bucket alone. So, don’t judge it as the only heaviest meal on the menu.

BAD – Wicked Zinger Box meal (R67.90): 1,527 kcal, 6389 kJ of energy and 57.4 g of fat.

BETTER – Grilled Burger (R45.90): 367 kcal, 1535 kJ of energy and 5 g of fat.

Hope the above info enables you to make the right, although not popular, choice when coming to what you put into your precious body. Gentleman, don’t consume more than 2400 kilocalories a day while ladies approx 2000 kcal a day. If you can’t help it, find the best Fast Food ratings and reviews on Yowzit.com or download the Yowzit Android App to #VoiceYourOpinion on-the-go at your fave fast-food joints.

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