Bath bombs are single-use, spherical structures that contain essential oils, fragrant extracts, and colorants. The primary ingredients of bath bombs are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, which react with each other and immediately effervesce (the fizzing effect they’re famous for) once bath bombs are immersed in water.

Once this reaction is over, the bath bomb dissolves and breaks apart to release all the goodness from within.

Baths are more than a way of getting clean. Bath bombs can heighten your bath experience and help you relax. This is especially helpful in today’s world where work has taken center stage.

When you need to blow off some steam, simply place a bath bomb or two into your bathtub and soak inside. Aside from this, bath bombs are an excellent way to boost one’s moods.

Here are some benefits of bath bombs you can enjoy whenever you soak in them.

Bath Bombs Calm Your Mind

The simple act of throwing a bath bomb in a tub full of water and watching it fizz away is calming. Essential oils bath bombs such as lavender can help soothe your mind and calm your mind. Additionally, simply getting into a tub full of water can calm your nerves and muscles while doing wonders for your mental health.

Bath Bombs Are Great For Your Skin

The one question about bath bombs that is always on people’s minds is: Are bath bombs good for the skin? Well, yes. Bath bombs will add softeners and emollients to your bath water and help moisturize your skin.

Regardless of your skin type, the essential oils found in bath bombs also can make your skin soft and supple. Bath bombs will also help make your skin feel velvety and youthful after every bath you take.

Bath Bombs are Natural and Vegan Friendly

Unlike most bath products found in the market that contain various chemical makeups, bath bombs are all-natural. You can find organic CBD bath bombs that are chemical-free and great for you.

You can find natural and vegan-friendly bath bombs made from CBD with excellent skin-softening abilities. If you’re looking for organic and vegan-friendly bath bomb options, you can find a variety of them over at