A guide to shopping for your parents

Finding presents for your parents isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It can sometimes take quite a while to decide between items, and in the end, you might not even be sure about what you’ve chosen. So to make your life simpler, here’s a list of potential gift that your parents may like.

Dis-chem’s coffee mugs

Now if you’re really strapped for cash you can always get them a set of these mugs from Dis-chem. Each one is worth R19.95, so you can buy them two as a gift. If they are into their coffee drinking then this particular set will make a great gift.


The Gadget Shop’s Multi-Man

This stainless steel man can take on any form. Whether it’s to hold your parent’s keys or business cards, this little guy can fulfil any purpose. You can get one at The Gadget Shop for R159.00.

Multi Man Brent

Mantality Star Wors braai set

For the family who loves Star Wars and braaing, this three-piece braai set makes a great gift. It includes a spatula, fork, and tongs. It also comes in a carry pouch so your parents can take it with them on any outing. You can get it online at the Mantality store for R265.00. May the sauce be with you!

Star Wors Braai Set

Mr Price Home’s Hexagon Terrarium

If you want to get a home decor gift that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you can always get this cute hexagon terrarium. The plants in it are made of plastic, so it’s low maintenance. Get it for them if you think their home needs a bit more green at Mr Price Home for R299.99.

Hexagon Teranium

Africology essential skin collection

If you really want to spoil your parents why not get them this skin collection from Africology? This is a South African eco-friendly holistic spa and skincare company, making products that are 100% biodegradable. This particular set comes with with a cleansing gel, exfoliating cream, absolute rose tonic and moisturiser. You can get a set at their store or online for R 570.00.


Don’t stress yourself out by going from shop to shop trying to get a perfect gift. Take your time and look through online stores and different catalogues to help you decide on what kind of gift you can get. But to get you started, be sure to check out our list first.

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