How to Quit Smoking


As someone who puffs away at a pack a day, I have recently been indulging in the
notion of kicking the habit for good. I will confess that while writing this article I will
probably have burnt through a smoke or two, though I do have a genuine desire to
quit and would like to share some tips I’ve come across that may help.

Firstly, be honest with yourself. Don’t underestimate how often you smoke. Keep a
journal of every time you smoke for about a week or two before you quit. During this
time also make a list of the reasons you enjoy smoking as well as why you want to

There are a few ways to go about quitting. One of the ways is to simply stop cold
turkey. While this may work for social smokers, for someone who smokes a lot like
me, speaking from experience cold turkey doesn’t work. One of the tips I would
suggest is to perhaps break the process up into smaller more realistic goals. For
example, try to avoid smoking during the morning for a week and thereafter only
smoke on the weekends for a week or two.

When you make the leap and decide to give up smoking for good, make sure to rid
your home of everything smoking related. Don’t have any emergency packs or
astrays lying about.

Keep the people around you informed. Make sure that your friends, family and
coworkers are aware of your intention to quit. Most people will probably be very
supportive and understanding.

Note that there are also products available to help you quit smoking such as nicotine
patches and gum. Visit a local pharmacist to inquire about such products if you feel
the need.

If at any point you do have a slip-up, understand that this isn’t the end of the world as
long as you are able to keep it under control. Good advice would be to remind
yourself of why you gave up smoking in the first place.

I know quitting may seem daunting but hopefully, these tips and tricks may help ease
the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Best of luck!

Written by: Janlouis Strydom