Even though you may be absolutely besotted with your significant other, life can get in the way and before you know it, you haven’t had a tender moment with them in a while. It happens to the best of us — yes, I’m sure that even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have to contend with it.

All couples are different and work differently however, there are definitely some little things you can do more on a daily basis proven to help keep yourself and your SO madly in love.

Strangely enough it’s the smallest gestures that close the distance between ourselves and the people we love.

Get the creative juices flowing, comment stratigically and compare mental notes by reading the same book independently. You can come back together and have heaps of interesting stuff to talk about, and you could even find new, sexy intellectual facets of each other you had never seen before. That’s always exciting!


Get Hot and steamy. we say couple must cook together. Being in a healthy relationship is being part of a strong partnership. A fundamental core of a successful and long-lasting relationship is the ability to work well together, even in simple daily tasks like cooking. It aslso teaches you to split up responsibilities and to work independently together.


Put away electronics at dinner. It’s really sad to see couples and even entire families at dinner staring down at their iphones. No talking, no flirting and ultimately no real enjoyment of the moment in which they are existing in. Take time to listen to your partner without being distracted by technology. Block that shiz out at dinner time ya’ll!


Always compliment eachother. Often people who are in long term relationships begin to develop a low self-esteem. This being because their partner isn’t letting them know often enough how really gorgeous they are. If some gal/guy comment on your SO don’t get jealous, agree and be happy for your partner to receive that positive attention!


Exercising in general is a healthy and positive attribute to your life. However, studies say that working out with your SO creates a better bond between the two of you. It could be joining a local Crossfit or trying stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. Whatever it is,  getting your heart rates up alongside one another will increase romantic feelings, make you happier, and strengthen your emotional bond.


We urge you to continue kissing forever and for always. Well, lips are 200 times more sensitive than fingertips, so don’t skimp out on the makeout sessions. When you lock lips with the one you love, a burst of adrenaline hits you in the brain and tension is reduced; it’s essentially the fastest way to feel emotionally closer to your partner.


We hope you follow these cute little life hacks, and if you don’t, get on it!