Reusable sanitary pads for young girls in need

Old Mutual Insure has been chosen as a finalist in Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the World Procurement Awards 2020, for The Pelo ya Mosadi project.

Old Mutual Insure has partnered with Wildhearts Foundation Africa to launch the Pelo ya Mosadi Project; one of the first factories in Africa to produce high-quality reusable sanitary pads for school going girls.  Not only will this help keep our South African girls in school, it will also create employment in the province of Mpumalanga. The companies launched the project in Nelspruit Mpumalanga on Tuesday, 25 February.

In South Africa, girls often face difficulties such as access to hygiene products during their monthly menstrual cycle. This often results in them missing school and falling behind in their education. Research conducted by the United Nations confirms that 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school during menstruation, which is an appalling reality. The lack of access to sanitary pads not only has adverse effects on school attendance and dropout rates, but also has a huge impact on the dignity of these young girls.

Doing good and driving socio-economic development

The partnership between Old Mutual Insure and Wildhearts Foundation Africa will drive socio- economic development and growth, because re-usable sanitary wear products will be distributed to disadvantaged, lower-income and rural communities areas across South Africa. The Pelo ya Mosadi project has already donated 300 sanity pads to the grade 8 learners at Cyril Clark Secondary School on Friday the 21st of February 2020.

Not only will this encourage full class attendance of girls during their menstrual cycle, but it will also create employment for those who will be manufacturing them.

This partnership will also encourage the incubation of small manufacturing plants that are fully owned and operated by women, resulting in job creation and the growth of small enterprise development in an economy of a high unemployment rate.

Thabile Nyaba, Old Mutual Insure’s Chief Risk Officer said: “Old Mutual Insure believes in empowering societies and encouraging more female entrepreneurs. These reusable sanitary pads will be made by women for young women, lasting on average between 3-5 years. The 11 Production workers will be up-skilled, becoming shareholders in their manufacturing plants. We believe that this project will bring back the dignity to young girls, create jobs, develop entrepreneurs while building sustainable business and mostly increase school attendance in girls. It definitely assist in achieving few Sustainable Development Goals”.

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