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The two best career paths for finance students

Since the last financial crisis, in 2008, many of us have realised the importance of finance. While the market is not perfectly predictable, that doesn’t mean we can’t make informed choices about it. Finance careers

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Staying fit: the student edition

Yeah, you’ve got a whole lot going on. You’ve got a test to prepare for, readings and about 600 assignments all due in the space of three weeks. And then you’re still expected to pitch


How to Structure Your Finances as a Student

Whatever your means, there’s no need to fall into the cash-strapped, debt-ridden, student stereotype that exists worldwide as it does in South Africa. It’s a perception that doesn’t need to be a reality. These days,

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How to conduct yourself in an interview

Unfortunately, you can’t study forever (unless you become an academic, of course). You will eventually have to graduate and face the terrifying real world. And the real world has bills and responsibilities which means you’ll