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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Students

Student life can be pretty overwhelming and maintaining a balance between studies, social life and various other activities becomes quite challenging. Many tasks are assigned to students that they may not be able to perform

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7 Ways to Be More Mindful In Your Daily Life

These days, being aware of the present moment with non-judgmental awareness has been getting a good rap. Once considered only a spiritual practice, it’s becoming more popular at work and home. Studies have proved that

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Skincare Tips on a Student Budget

While taking care of your skin should be a requirement, the cost of skincare products makes it appear like a luxury. In college, you may feel like all the expenses are adding up rapidly, as

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How Time With Nature Reduces Student Stress

No matter what the season is, students are, willingly or unwillingly, stuck indoors with their laptops, books, and notes. But Autumn and Spring are not just about exams, but it is the time to appreciate