10 Party Safety Tips

We know varsity is mainly about your studies, but let us not kid ourselves its about experiences as well. Now guess, what is the one thing varsity students do more than studying? Obviously, it’s going

How to Increase Your Millennial Retention Rate

There is no gainsaying that the millennials are the workforce of the future. The percentage of millennials in today’s workplace is already on the rise. A study shows that they already make up about 35%

International Student Success Stories Part II

Every year more than a million international students spend time in the U.S studying at American Universities. When they arrive they face a number of challenges, from securing international student loans to language barriers. Sometimes

5 Apps Every Student Needs

With smartphones and devices always by our side, why not use them to make your student life easier? Here are the 5 apps every student needs: 1. Uber/Taxify These apps are good for getting around

The Key Pros and Cons of Video Learning

It can be difficult to keep children engaged as a teacher. Whether it’s a large classroom setting or tutoring one-on-one, their minds doze off, and when the subject matter isn’t the most interesting topic, things

3 Awesome International Student Success Stories

There are over 1 million international students in the U.S at any one time. We often hear about their struggles to adapt and learn a new society. Unfortunately, we rarely get to hear the highlights—success

10 Tips on How to Survive your First Year

We all have heard the famous preaching of how the best years of our lives happen at university. That’s probably true for some… The truth is that your biggest responsibility at varsity is passing those