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Top 5 reasons to study information technology

Are you still looking at study options? Choosing a career path can be stressful and overwhelming. To find what your perfect career choice would be you should evaluate yourself and determined what you truly enjoy

Energy Management

Scott H. Young, the author of “Learn more, Study less”, felt that energy management and time management were independent of each other and that both should be used entirely. He also believed that time management

Time Management

I know that one of the most common pieces of advice that you hear for studying is to “manage your time.”  Many students, don’t do this because they don’t know how to do it effectively.

4 ways to finance your small business

Every company, big or small, is always concerned about one thing and that’s managing  money. Proper financial management is crucial if you want your company to survive. It’s also important if you want to survive

University…Should you stay? Or should you go?

Finding yourself sitting in a crowded campus lecture hall, unable to understand the person lecturing you from a vast distance, and thinking to yourself: “What am I doing here?” is unfortunately quite a common student

The truth about internships

Many people leave college or university believing they’re going to walk into their dream job. And then they become disillusioned as soon as they start sending out their CV. Jobs don’t grow on trees and

Six financial things you should master by 30

So you’ve hit your thirties. You probably still feel young and invincible. The reality is that you’re halfway to retirement. Luckily you’ve probably started building a good credit rating, feel an inexplicable kick of joy

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6 tips for being in a long-distance relations

Being in a long-distance relationship can be extremely difficult. And when you’re at university, it can be even harder. It’s certainly not easy being away from the person you love. When you start a new

3 things you must do with your first paycheque

If you’ve just managed to secure your first job then you’re probably a bag of emotions right now. No more classes, subjects you hate, exams or res parties. You have officially entered the working world