10 signs your child needs a tutor

Signs your child needs a tutor

 Their teacher recommended a tutor

The teacher might see that the student needs a bit of extra help, motivation or support when it comes to school or homework.

You are concerned with your child’s confidence and self esteem

They are hard on themselves when they get poor grades, they complain that school is to   hard, and they just can’t do it. They compare themselves to other classmates and feel insecure. They are scared of being ridiculed by classmates and or refuse to participate in the class presentation.

Your child has an increased lack of motivation

They make excuses for not completing their homework, doing projects, or studying for tests and exams. You have tried an array of different methods including begging, reasoning, punishment and bribery to get your child to focus on their school work, but nothing seems to help. When they bring home a below average mark he or she demonstrates a complete lack of concern. Might be an advanced learner who is a little bored with classes and needs more challenging work to stay focussed.

Your child does not want to go to school

He or she tries everything to avoid going to school. Pretending to be sick, complaining about being tired and or makes up excuses as to why they should not go to school. Expresses frustration with particular subjects or teachers.

Your child’s grades were below average on their last report card

You know he or she can do better that the last report card which he or she brought home. Even though it’s not a failing grade – it’s enough to get you worried.

You’ve experienced negative behavioural changes during the school year

Your child is always moody when going to school, could be that they are struggling but to ashamed to come forward and ask for help.

No matter how long your child spends on home work – they never seem to get it right

They seem to work hard, but still receive average to bad grades. It takes a surprisingly long time to finish what seems like a basic homework assignment. Even getting him or her to sit down for long enough becomes a real struggle. You find yourself completing most of the work, and when they manage to do it themselves, it’s all wrong.

Your child has a short attention span

He or she often gets into trouble at school for either talking or sleeping. You have noticed that his/or her mind often wanders off when talking to them, they are easily distracted when trying to focus on homework.

Your son or daughter experiences anxiety before a test or exam

You notice the sudden complaints of an upset stomach and or bitten nails prior to the test/exam date. Despite your attempts to relieve the anxiety, nothing helps.

Your son or daughter is preparing for a really important test or exam

A tutor would help them achieve the marks they would like to achieve by assisting them throughout the learning process. Your child has a complete lack of attention

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