5 Part time jobs for Students

Being able to afford taxi fare to get to class as well as getting to maybe have a nice cup of coffee with a friend once in a while is often a luxury when you are a student. Having a part-time job where it doesn’t affect your ability to study but you still get money and job experience is vital.

You never know when that job as a student can be useful later in life. Lots of people land up doing something very different than what they studied for an income so being able to diversify and do other things than only what you studied can be a true asset.

Child driver

If you have a driver’s license and a car, a lot of parents will pay you to not look after their children but to drive them from home to school as well as back home in the afternoons again. This is very popular with parents that have teenagers so don’t really need you to feed their children but rather do the commute busy parents can’t do.

A PDP license would be beneficial and a no liability for injuries while driving contract will be a must but it is something to look into.

Au Pair

Au pairing is hard work, take it from a former au pair, but the money is good and if you only have classes in the morning, being able to drive children around, ensure homework is done and that they get to their various practise sessions. Make sure that you pick the family that you work for as carefully as you pick them.

Shop assistant

Sure, your friends that waiter earn more than you do on a busy night but that doesn’t replace the jo of working in a store that you are interested in. If you love books then night shift at bookstores can be a great job as well as the staff discounts can be amazing.

Virtual Assistant

If you are by nature very organised and like sorting out schedules. Then you are lucky, the rise of the virtual assistant is proving to be more than just a fad. If you have internet from home and a reliable computer, more and more small businesses, creatives and freelancers are looking for someone that can do their basic admin as well as schedule their meetings. Some of them even want someone that can do their social media for them.

Casting extra

TV and movie sets often need extra’s in the background. More people in costume to make the sets look fuller or interesting. While this probably won’t lead to your big break as the next major Hollywood star, it is decent money for a day and if you are one of the lucky students that only have class 3 or 4 days a week, then this could be an interesting way to make some extra moola.

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