The feeling is sensational. Euphoric. There’s nothing quite like it. For a few brief moments when that outstretched hand reaches towards you, you feel invincible, important, and untouchable. You’ve just been offered a new job. It’s easy to get caught up in this moment, trying to not furiously clasp the outstretched hand in an excited fit of appreciation.


A new role – whatever it may be – comes with new responsibilities. It’s absolutely vital to make sure that you get a good idea of what the new position will involve and whether you can amend your social calendar accordingly.


Meeting your fellow employees for the first time is always an uneasy, awkward experience. You may often feel like a spare part when you’re a newbie, and without the right people around you, you may end up feeling that way for the rest of your time in that position. Before you accept a job offer, ask to meet some of your new colleagues. Don’t take a leap of faith when you’re offered a new position – make a conscious effort to introduce yourself before you even accept the position.

Your own lifestyle changes

Okay, so everyone takes salary into account when it comes to being offered a new job. In many people’s cases, it’s the motivational factor for applying for positions that otherwise seem somewhat mundane. But what a lot of people don’t take into consideration with regards to salaries, is whether it’s enough to live on if circumstances were to change. There’s no problem with thinking about the now, but before accepting a job but you need to think about the future too.


A lot of companies offer great looking benefits on paper. When you’re on the verge of accepting a new job at an exciting and well-established business firm at a young age, any benefits at all seem delightfully appealing. However, you should enquire about medical aid and whether you get day to day cover, retirement policies, pension funds, etc. When accepting a job offer, make sure you’re getting the type of benefits that you deserve and need in order to live comfortably.


Every occupation comes with a certain degree of stress. What you can do, however, is determine whether you will be able to realistically handle the amount of stress this new job might impose on your life. Before accepting any new job, sit down and look at exactly what the position requires of you.


What exactly does your new job offer you in terms of opportunities? Does it provide you with some juicy substance for you CV? Will it allow you to gain knowledge and develop within a particular industry? These are all questions that you need to take into consideration when accepting a job offer, as it’s all too easy to see a nice wage scrawled down on paper and jump right in. A good job should open you up to other opportunities.