Goal-Setting as an adventurous train journey

It has been said that one of the common traits of successful leaders is their ability to pursue and set goals. The reason for this is that if we set a big goal for ourselves, we step out of our comfort zones, and this is the place where self discovery happens. The more we understand ourselves, the easier it becomes to make more informed decisions. This in turn helps us to become more confident leaders.

Setting goals is easy but pursuing and achieving them takes time and perseverance. But it shouldn’t be seen as some difficult and arduous task. Relating it to an adventurous train journey makes it so much more appealing and fun.

The pursuit of one’s goals isn’t a linear experience, but rather an organic, moving entity, that takes on a life of its own. Opportunities arise; pitfalls appear, shifting the journey from one direction to the next.

Workshop to explore what’s needed for us to identify, pursue, and achieve our goals.

Using the analogy of a train journey and by the way of games, discussions, and exercises, we focus on a goal we believe we can achieve within 30 days:

By going through the process of pursuing, and achieving, a near sighted goal – 30 days, the individual manual provided, along with the self confidence gained, can be used as a template for any future goals.

The tools covered during the workshop are;

The gift of imagination

the place from where all our dreams and goals materialise.

How the mind works

We think in certain ways and our thoughts, followed by our actions, can be the deciding factor on whether we achieve our goals or not.


There are 3 types of belief needed for us to achieve our goals;

  • Self Belief – do we think we’re good enough to achieve our goals?
  • Do we believe the goal is achievable?
  • If we don’t have the necessary tools – do we believe that we can acquire the tools?

The process of goal setting including;

  • Potential obstacles – and how to overcome them,
  • The step by step process – formulating the route.
  • Involving others to help us along the way,
  • Keeping ourselves motivated along the journey.

Affirmations, well directed questions, and visualisation, –how they play a part in helping us achieve our dreams.

Including the goal-setting process into our busy, everyday, lives.

This workshop includes, a personal manual, a goal- achieving visualisation, meditation download, lots of FUN!

Gary Hirson is an Entrepreneur having started, run and sold 2 businesses, a Life Coach who regularly appears on HectiNine9, and an Author of 3 interactive, developmental books, for young readers – introducing them to the tools needed to help them identify and achieve their dreams.

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