What are the most typical student jobs?

Looking for a job while studying is quite a task – you don’t really have a diploma yet, but you have needs and expenses to cover. Tuition fees, textbooks and the price of having fun generates a large amount of money every month, yet being an adult, you might wish to bear those costs on your own. This means that eventually, you begin a job search which can get complicated sometimes. What sort of work is suitable for a student who doesn’t have any experience and qualifications and pays well at the same time?

Call centre position

Companies in South Africa are often seeking agents for their call centres without actually requiring any experience and providing training most of the time. Apart from call centre jobs, it’s also worth considering working as a telemarketer: because of commission, telesales people are offered a great earning potential. However, you must have certain abilities and exceptional communication skills to succeed as a telemarketer.

Waiter/waitress job

Among students it’s quite popular to get a restaurant service job because of how convenient it is. The job is pretty easy to get, because you don’t really need to meet any special requirements and you are granted with flexible hours, fun working environment and additional cash because of tips.

Office assistants

Though it’s a more specialised job, a student might still be able to provide the services of an office assistant, secretary or administrator if one’s field of studies suit the office practice. Office job allows you to explore future career opportunities and experience what it’s like to work at a professional environment. In addition, it pays well and there might be ways to work from a remote area.

Child care (au pair)

Even though parents working full-time tend to be looking for professionals au pairs, babysitters and nannies are also in-demand in South Africa. Even though it can be a low-paying job, babysitters are provided with loads of other benefits: you get to work in a comfortable setting, it’s easy to fit this job in your schedule and you might even get to do some of the school work if there’s free time.

Retail jobs

Shop assistant’s job is an easily accessible position in South Africa and it also caters to a student’s needs: it very possible to find a  job in retail store with flexible schedule, training and possibility to switch shifts. Besides, if you love music, books, films, fashion or have any other interests, try looking for a retail job that actually markets this kind of products. This way, it will boost your work motivation and you’ll get to learn something new about a particular field.


Manual labor job might be an undesirable choice when it comes to students. However, one should not underestimate a hard work: even though the job is dirty, monotonous and requires more skills, physical work tends to be well-paid and provides you with an opportunity to earn more money in a shorter period of time.

There are plenty of jobs in South Africa that are suitable for students – you just need to remember that during a job search you shoudn’t focus only on the “part-time jobs” or “student jobs” sectors. Take a look at the particular fields that you are interested in and you might find a suitable position there. It all depends on you and your preferences: based on the experience, skills, availability and your preferred salary, you might even establish yourself in the environment that will give you a head start on your future career!

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