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How to Achieve the First 100 Subscribers on your YouTube Channel

Have you ever wondered how to get to the first milestone of your YouTube channel? A hundred subscribers may not seem like a big group, however, the effort behind the scenes to get your YouTube channel up and going is tremendous. In this article, you will find how to get your first hundred subscribers on YouTube and some Twitch followers too.


To gain YouTube followers, you will not have a straight uphill climb. Using ideas from community servers, one that really stood out was to have a constant upload schedule. If you upload once a week, say on a Thursday, people will come back every Thursday if they like your content. This is better than uploading on Thursday the first week, then the Monday and then the Wednesday after that as the schedule is messy. Keep it to something that you can work towards (videos once or twice a week.)

Keep your thumbnails simple, yet intriguing. Do not have just an uncropped photo with game UIs, people will think that you are messy and do not take pride in your content. Whilst you are starting out, also do not do something the “big” YouTubers do, like DanTDM, SSSniperWolf, or ballistic squid. Try to get rid of game UIs and have a simple border with text somewhere with the name of the video and a three-word subject around.

Try to keep away from gaming content at the start of your career. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, thousands of hours of gaming content are uploaded every day, meaning that your content will likely be pushed aside and hinder your growth. Other subjects, like arts and crafts, social media, or reaction videos do not have the love and attention that gaming videos do. More people like these, but there are not as many YouTubers willing to do it. Who knows? You could be the next big fashion YouTuber.

Do not have weird video titles – keep it subject-related. No one is going to watch your videos if they are called “cpuwuegwjgbwigruioe” or “2010-12-13”, no one searches for these. If you were doing a GTA V Roleplay, you could do: “GTA V | Los Santos Roleplay | Bus Driver” or something else that is related to the main part of the video. 

Read and answer your comments. Comments may tell you what people really want you to upload. If you answer some of your fans (does not have to be all of them if you get a lot of comments), they will see that you appreciate them. They will see that you are not just in it for fame or wealth and that you really do care about what they want to say or what they want to see within your videos. In such cases, they might even download the videos so they can watch them later. They will even take the extra mile by using a .rar opener to open these large video files. 


Twitch is a lot harder to start out on, as it is a streaming site. You cannot edit what you say, so be careful. To build up a fanbase, switch around the games you play. Like YouTube, have a constant schedule that you can easily keep to.

Try playing a medium-fanbase game. Do not go straight into popular games, for instance, Fortnite or Rocket League. Play something in between little and high viewer counts – for instance, Minecraft or Roblox. Play something you enjoy as well, but do not be afraid to try and jump out of your comfort zone for a bit. If you have troubles with accessing some games because they are geo-restricted or other similar issues, use residential proxies for easier access.

Final word 

In the grand scheme of things, you could easily advertise your channel(s) on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Collaborating with people is another thing that you could do, go for someone with around the same subscriber count and someone that is interested in the same games as you. Do not do it for your own benefit, take the other person into account too.

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