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Share your creative side with the world

Everyone may think of creativity as something that is used by clever marketers and copywriters for whipping out if they are required to come up with compelling ads. Of course, it can be a personal trait that just a handful of people such as successful businessmen or brilliant improvisation actors possess naturally. But some recent studies by established authors have indicated that everyone can be creative by following some steps and not necessarily in a linear order. They are suggesting that creativity can go back and forth and is a process that involves taking steps toward greater imagination and originality. Here are some steps for the cultivation of creativity.

1. Ask the right questions

There are certain stories about the development of Instagram and Starbucks. Neither of the companies would be what they are today if the founders had kept on trying to resolve the main questions they were looking to get answered. There are many techniques offered by various authors for the generation of several queries. You can start by writing 10 variations of the same question. One of these questions is likely to be better than the original. Debug your life by criticizing the everyday situations you face. Try to get rid of the annoyances. Create something and then interpret it because you need to develop something before you can ask questions about it.

2. There is no need to become a genius

Everyone will be constantly telling you to find your voice. Many people when they are young do not realize exactly what is meant by it. Some people even worry about their voice and wonder if they have their voice. However, after many years of experience people realize that the only way of finding out your voice is by using it. It is built in you or hardwired. When you are looking to have people know about the things you do and things you care about, there is a need to share. You can talk about the things that you love and the voice will follow.

3. Share small things each day

Once every day when you have finished a day’s work you should take a piece of the work you have completed and share it. If you are into the process, where you are will decide the piece you should share. If you are in the earlier portion of the process you can share what is influencing you. While being in the middle of a project execution you should write about the methods you are using or share the work in progress. After completing the process show the final product or share the scraps. You can record interesting videos and share these videos. If you are interested to find how to send large videos you must look online for solutions, there are many ways that are simple and easy. 

4. Be curious

In case you are not ready to share your work with the world, you can share your views about other people’s work. Where are you getting the inspiration from? What are you reading? What websites do you visit on the web? Do you have specific heroes? What stickers do you have on the fridge? Whose work do you admire the most? Do you follow someone online? All your influences are a great share because they tell people about the kind of person you are and what you do.

5. Tell interesting stories

All artists love to say the tired ole line “My work speaks for itself!”. However, the truth is that the work never really speaks for itself. All humans wish to be aware of where things are coming from, how they are made, and the people behind the creation. Different stories you can tell about the work you have accomplished make a massive impact on how people feel and what they perceive about the work. You must be capable of explaining your work even to a kindergartner or a senior citizen and everyone in between. Everyone loves a great story, however; great storytelling does not come naturally for everyone. This skill takes a long time to master, therefore; you need to learn about it. As you keep telling them the stories will keep getting better.

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