What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Used Vehicle as your First Car?

Choosing your first car is a major commitment. You have to look at all aspects of the vehicle, such as safety, performance, make and model as well as cost, and this can often be confusing to first-time buyers. It can be hard to tell which car will best suit your needs when you are bombarded with so many options.

You could start by looking for certified used cars available in South Africa to begin your car shopping journey. By opting for certified used cars for sale, you will open yourself up to an array of benefits, such as a warranty, a newer model and lower mileage.

For students, these are all major positives for a first car choice. So, power up your PC, type “certified used cars for sale near me” into Google and start searching for the ideal car! Below are just some of the reasons why this is a great choice for your first car.

Cars are in Good Condition

A certified pre-owned vehicle is always available in great condition. This is because the previous owner has taken good care of it and the dealership has certain criteria that vehicles have to meet in order to be sold as CPO (certified pre-owned).

You usually find that late-model cars with low-mileage and a good history are sold as certified pre-owned vehicles. This will allow you to find a car in good condition that will likely not need many repairs in the near future. On the sales lot of a pre-owned dealership the cars are all like-new but for a more affordable price, so you will be able to find that sporty little number you have been dreaming about.

You Will Get a Warranty

This is a major benefit of choosing a CPO for your first car. Many of these vehicles have a full warranty left on them and the CPO programmes will often extend the existing warranties, which means that you are covered for a much longer period.

If you have been looking around at different dealerships you will find that the same model at both a normal dealership and a pre-owned dealership will have different warranty options. A vehicle from a used car dealership will likely not have any of its warranty coverage left, but the same one from a pre-owned car dealership will have better warranty coverage. Be sure to ask about the costs involved in an extended warranty, as your student budget might not stretch that far. You could look for a special deal at a car dealership that caters to smaller budgets.

They Have Undergone an Inspection

While it is standard for car dealerships to inspect all cars that come into their lots, CPO vehicles undergo a much stricter inspection. This is because they are protected by an extended warranty and the manufacturers want to keep them in good working order.

Before a CPO vehicle is even considered for being sold, it will be thoroughly looked over, and the inspection list contains dozens of points that are crucial to the process. Once the vehicle has passed this inspection, it is available to the public which will give you peace of mind. Students and first-time car buyers need a reliable vehicle, which is why these cars have such strict inspection rules. You will also receive a full vehicle history to keep and show mechanics for future reference.

There is an Affordable Maintenance Plan

With many CPO dealers, you will be offered a free or very affordable maintenance plan. This will be separate from the car price and will only last for a certain period of time or for a number of kilometres driven. But it can save you money on basic car maintenance issues, which is always a positive for a student budget.

This benefit might only cover issues such as oil changes, tyre rotations, pressure checks, and fluid replacements, but this can help to keep your car in good working order. You will be able to save up extra money to use when the time comes to send your car in for a service or if you have to pay for replacements. But because your CPO vehicle will be in such good condition, this will only be in the near future after you purchase it.

More Than Just Luxury Cars are Offered

Many people hear “certified pre-owned cars” and picture luxury brands such as BMWs, Mercedes Benzes and Audis. But there are non-luxury brands on offer too at highly affordable prices to suit your new-car-buyer wallet.

This is a good choice if you do not have the budget to maintain a luxury vehicle but still want a car that is in good condition. Non-luxury cars might not have the same warranty options as the luxury vehicles but you will still be able to negotiate a plan with your dealer that suits your budget and needs. Usually, non-luxury vehicles will have a 12-month or 20 000 km warranty, which will allow you to save money up for repairs later down the line.

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