What are the Factors that Determine Loan Approval?

Loan Approval is determined by many factors. But what are they? What does a lender consider before it approves a loan? Since online loans have become so popular borrowers are spending less time in the offices of credit providers. The whole process can happen without the physical contact of the 2 parties. That is why lenders have taken on some new practices to add to the existing ones. To make lending safe and responsible.

When a credit provider is registered with the NCR (which they all should be) they are enforced to do business in a safe and responsible way. This means that the agreement that will arise will be in the interest of both parties. But what does determine online loan approval? There are many factors. Here are some basic ones:

Credit Worthiness

Basically, a credit provider wants to be assured of the fact that the lender will be able to repay the debt in question. Remember a credit provider is actually investing in a lender. A lender that can guarantee repayment surely is a good investment. Such an online loan application will be sought after. Applicants’ credit scores are good measuring sticks to determine their credit worthiness.

Nationality of the Applicant

Where do you come from? Where do you stay? It may sound like a first date, but this information is vital to lenders. Lenders want to know that applicants are here to stay. If the applicant moves away from the country where the agreement was first made it may become increasingly harder for the lender to exact repayment of the loan. Once again a loan application with sufficient information on this may look like a good application to the credit provider. An application that may be rewarded with loan approval.


An applicant’s information about her salary is not used to squeeze every last cent out of her pocket. Lenders want to nurture applicants’ situation. A lender loses money when the borrower can’t repay. Each credit provider has its own formula to determine the income that will justify a specific a loan. The fact remains though. Every lender would want to know if applicants have the ability to make monthly instalments on those loans. And if the lender has your success in mind it will never place debt on your shoulders that you can’t carry.

Loan approvals are determined by many things, but the basic reasons will always surface. These factors will point you well into the direction of approved loan applications.

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