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How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Today, let’s outline the commercial benefits of a blog (blogging), specifically how to start a blog and make money online.

When I was a student in high school and college, I couldn’t wait to graduate and start making money. I was tired of theoretical scenarios, case studies, and living on a budget. If students don’t want to blog about their education, then maybe the solution is to encourage them to use one to make money from home while finishing school.

Starting a blog to make money online may be the best of both worlds. In addition to the other benefits, students can learn valuable skills such as how search engines work, producing valuable content, marketing, professional networking, and the different ways to make money with a blog. Earning an income while completing an education can also prevent students from graduating with enormous amounts of student debt.

What To Blog About

If a student isn’t blogging to compile an online portfolio or journal their educational progress, what type of blog should they build? These days, people can blog about anything, including fashion, food, business, politics, celebrity gossip, reviews, etc. However, among the youth, two kinds of blogs seem to be the most popular – lifestyle and fashion blogs.

Lifestyle Blogs

Students starting a lifestyle blog can begin by deciding on an overall theme. You can discuss family, friends, relationship advice, events in your life, favourite food recipes, life hacks that make you more productive, home décor ideas, etc.

While you don’t have to expose every aspect of your life, most lifestyle blogs feature the blogger as a big part of their brand. The idea is that you are educating people about and selling your lifestyle, but in an entertaining way with pictures.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogging has exploded in the last few years and has thereby become more competitive, but new bloggers can differentiate themselves by developing high quality, original content.

If you’re researching how to start a fashion blog, here are a few tips to get you started:

Take high-quality photos. A fashion blog is partially judged by the quality of its photographer. You don’t need an expensive camera, but learning how to take great pictures can get you noticed.

Be daring. Why does a reader need to follow 5 fashion bloggers with exactly the same style? If you want to build a following, be yourself and showcase that honesty. Your personality can be a huge factor in differentiating yourself from other fashionistas and finding other like-minded readers.

Don’t be overly commercial. Readers will understand if you need to make money to support yourself and cover the blog’s expenses, but be reasonable. No one likes to visit a blog where they are bombarded by advertisements.

Give to get. The best way to earn a living online is to be giving. Help other bloggers by giving them a shout out on social media and provide amazing content for your readers on a regular basis. Most people don’t mind helping you if they feel you’ve offered them value.

Focus on social media. The largest and most popular fashion blogs thrive on social media and rely on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for almost all their traffic. Pick 1 or 2 social platforms and build a strong base.

Why Do People Blog

Ultimately, a blog can be a great way to express yourself, build a community, and earn a living. While blogging doesn’t have to become a business for everyone, it can be great to earn a part-time income from your hobby.

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