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Reasons to take finance as a major

Fascinated about money? Do you have a definite interest in banking, economics and working with investments? Then a finance major might just be for you. This is a degree or qualification that carries a lot of weight and can also offer a lot of flexibility and potential for growth. Finance is an essential component of any business and finance professionals are usually high in demand. Whether you’re trying to change courses or are a first-year student, there are many finance courses you can take. From accounting, financial analysis, taxation, insurance and the list goes on.

Choosing a rewarding career is one of the most important things you can do. The career you choose will have a lot to do with the way you want to live your life. Picking the wrong career can quickly cause problems in your personal and professional life. You have to choose a job you’re interested in and you’ve always wanted to do.

So how do you know that you should major in finance? Well, you should have a specific set of skills with an outgoing personality. You must be able to use your mathematical aptitudes and abilities to make financial suggestions.

Here are six reasons why you should take finance as a major.

Job opportunities

These jobs are normally high in demand as no business or organisation can go without a finance professional. Check which industry has a need for finance professionals and go for that. Finance positions are growing fast these days. You can decide whether you want to work in the investment industry which requires a lot of financial individuals or you can opt to work for a company that only looks for one financial advisor. The opportunities are endless.

It’s enjoyable

If you like everything that involves finance, then you’ll definitely love working in this industry. This is a field that leads to satisfaction and it increases the interest and desire for working. You’ll have to work with different types of people and discuss a variety of business-related issues. Being a people’s person is a must if you want to enjoy this industry. You’ll be motivated to learn new skills and enjoy your work.

Become a better investor

Studying towards a finance qualification will help you become a better investor. If you haven’t invested before, you’ll soon learn the importance of investing. You’ll know when the right time is and what you need to invest in to make good profits. It’s required of you to study investment-related topics and that will expose you to investing. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge on how to make smart investments and become a smart investor. You’ll also know whether it’s better to invest in a well-established company or startup.

Your dream job

If you study finance or anything finance related and get a job in that specific field, you can count yourself lucky. There are people who study a certain course and don’t get a job in that specific industry. Due to certain reasons, they may have to work in a different field. Working in your required field is very important. If you work in your industry, you can tell that you’re working in your dream job. There are also a specific set of skills you’ll learn from doing your dream job.

Improve communication skills

This is one of the most important skills you can learn as it’ll be needed in the workplace. It doesn’t matter what career path you follow, you need effective communication skills. Financial discussions can get complicated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re explaining to a client what’s happening with their money or if you’re presenting a workshop based on the principles of finance, things will get complicated at some point. You must know how to convey the message to the receiver and majoring in finance will help you with that. You need solid communication skills to keep the process running smoothly.

Problem solver

If you’ve never been the problem-solving type, you’ll become one now. As a finance professional, you’ll deal with problem-solving issues on a daily basis – from negotiating a deal to determining the best finance solution. You’ll be noticed by your employer if you show you have problem-solving and critical thinking skills. You should be creative when dealing with specific solutions as it they don’t always require only a technical understanding of the issue. As a finance major, you’ll learn to adapt these skills as you’ll be needing them in the future.

The job market has made a few changes in the last few years because of technological innovation. Doing a finance course will show you exactly what you can expect in the finance world. You’ll also be in a fortunate position to have many options open and available to you.

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