Simple Ways for Students to Make Money

For students studying in South Africa, the total expenses for enrolling in a university can be overwhelming and even unaffordable. On average, the cost of university in South Africa can range between R17,630 at North-West University and R54,500 at Rhodes University. Not only are there tuition fees to cover, but there are also expenses related to applications, deposits, registration, accommodation, books and equipment. While South African students continue to protest the high cost of university and some concessions have been made, the higher education minister has acknowledged that major changes and free education for all are not a realistic goal for the country.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways for students to make money when going to college that can make all of the fees a little more affordable. By making the most of any spare time that may be available when classes aren’t in session, students can earn extra money from various outlets. This way, students can avoid taking loans or accumulating debt, which will make life much less stressful after graduation.

Participate in Research Surveys

One easy way to make money as a student is to offer your time to research studies. The advantage of going to a university is that there are always faculty members or secondary degree candidates looking for student research assistance, and they will often times pay for your help. The average pay for entry-level research assistance at a South African university is R121,220 per year. Students can also participate in research activities as simple as offering answers to questions for psychology experiments, or a more involved study that requires a donation of plasma or blood to a medical research project.

There are also a number of online research companies in South Africa that will pay you to answer questions or watch videos on their websites. If you have ample amounts of spare time on the weekends, this can be a great way to earn money while relaxing in your dorm room. Be sure to sign up for a program that gives monetary compensation rather than gift points in order to apply your earnings towards your university fees.

Utilise Your Special Talents

Another simple way to make money on the side of taking classes is to put your talents to good use. If you are a creative person, you can sell anything that you make on websites like Etsy or eBay. People around the globe will pay good money for homemade jewellery, home goods, clothing, and other gifts. You can also become a freelance photographer, writer, make-up professional, or hairstylist. According to the South African Freelancers’ Association, photographing a wedding can bring in up to R10,000-14,000 for a full day of work. This sort of work can be wildly helpful to students, who may have flexible work hours and schedules. By promoting yourself around the university, you can gain a steady following and make your talents known while making money.

Students in South Africa can utilise their creativity and participate in surveys in order to earn additional money that can cover the increasing expenses of attending university.

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