Time is Money

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. Time is measured in hours and minutes, it also governs the movement of our days. Money can be defined as a medium of exchange in the form of preferred currency.

One can exactly quantify how much their time is worth down to the minute, if you into the whole meticulous vibe, but that can be a waste of time ironically. The other irony in this is that money doesn’t necessarily have to be quantified by the amount of time you spend on something. Sometimes ten minutes can be worth or cost more than an hour.

Some boyfriends and girlfriends have been lost in less. 10 minutes are nothing to a “Becky with the good hair” in fact all they need it 2 they don’t play games with time cause your maaan IS her money.

Take that same 2 minutes… instead of being busy with “Becky and the good hair”. You spent that time purchasing a book on Takealot because it’s much faster and cheaper. Saving you time and avoiding those long queues (just another way of seeing time and money *wink*).

Both time and money are irrevocably tied together this means the opportunity has a cost. This, in turn, means that time is more valuable than money. If you lose money there is a possibility of getting it back. The probability of getting lost time back is nought, obviously time never moves backward you can’t exactly get a refund on it, it’s not broken sunnies from a store. Time always moves forward, fortunately, it waits for no man and therein lies the point at which time becomes more valuable than money. It doesn’t discriminate or separate according to time, all of us I mean all, same WhatsApp group.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t get that. That’s why they spend millions trying to reverse time like Botox is fun, said sarcastically. Because, I don’t care what ANYONE says needles in your face, cannot I repeat cannot be considered fun.
In conclusion, why not save them both, considering they are both valuable. All that’s left to say is spend wisely and maybe budget your time the way you do your money. Youth is fleeting, and life is short.

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