Why You Should do an Internship while Studying

Studying after high school provides you with a unique life experience, but this is sometimes not enough in the eyes of some employers. Taking an internship position, such as one of the Department of Health in the Western Cape internships, provides you with working experience while you are studying.

An internship may even lead to a full-time position after you have completed your studies and it is a great way to bulk up your CV. Below are just some of the reasons why you should do an internship while studying.

You will gain ‘real job’ experience

As a student, you often spend time in lecture halls or in the library researching, which is a great experience if you want to study further…but not so much if you want to find work after receiving your degree.

By taking an internship, you will gain valuable ‘real job’ experience. You will learn what an office environment or working environment is like, and you will learn what problems and advantages your chosen industry faces and you will be more confident at the end of it. Your colleagues during the internship will help you to adapt to the working world and will teach you the ropes of what a ‘real job’ entails.

You will strengthen your CV

Your CV is likely looking a little bare, but this will change once you opt to take one of the many Western Cape government internships on offer. If you want to get more working experience, you will have to build up your CV, and an internship is the perfect way to do so.

Having an internship listed on your Cv will impress potential employers and will show them that you have more than just university experience. Because of your internship, you will also have a story and some anecdotes to tell during the interview which will intrigue the interviewer, making them want to follow up with you about the position. A strong CV can make or break a job application, which is why an internship is such a positive step to take.

It can help to choose your career

Many students are not sure about what career path to follow once they have graduated, but taking on an internship can help change this uncertainty. You might find yourself with a new passion, which will lead to a career that lasts for years to come.

Doing an internship before an actual job will allow you to see whether the position suits you or not, and if your chosen career path is really right for you. If you do not know what career path you want to take, then an internship can open your mind to ideas you may not have considered before. You could experiment with an industry out of what you studied for or look for something out of your comfort zone to truly see what is out there in the job market.

You will earn some money while learning new skills

Studying is an expensive endeavour, and paid Department of Health internships can help immensely with buying college necessities and repaying some debts. The salary might not be huge but you will be compensated for your travel and for any other expenses by the company you are interning for.

An internship allows you to learn new skills, and you will be compensated for these efforts. You can transfer these skills to your ‘real’ jobs, once you have graduated. It will also help you to be well prepared for the real world. The money that you earn can be put toward student essentials or you can save it to use once you have graduated for expenses such as a new work outfit or for putting towards a car.

You will find role models

Being a student means that you are likely surrounded by other students. While this is ideal for meeting new people and finding friends, you may not always meet someone who inspires you or who you can consider as a role model (aside from friendly and knowledgeable lecturers).

Taking an internship with a company in the industry you are interested in will allow you to meet and find role models who show you different leadership and management styles, and who inspire you to follow your career choice in the industry. For many people, finding a role model can make a huge difference in their enjoyment of working life, and interning will allow you to do this just a little bit sooner than most.

Welcome to the ‘real world’

Taking an internship while studying will help to prepare you for the real world, the world outside of university lecture halls. This is highly beneficial as it will show employees that you are ready to work hard and do not need your handheld as a new graduate.

You will gain ‘real job’ experience, and you will bulk up and improve your CV for other potential employers. An internship can also help you to decide on your career if you do not know which path to follow as yet. Interning while studying is a great way to build experience and to find a role model to aspire to.

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