Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date

I’m no relationship expert, love doctor or guru who is responsible for 50 happy couples. To be honest, I don’t even set up my friends.

But I do want to share some insightful first date rules we should all know though.

I mean we have all been there, on that one horrible date that makes you wonder: “Why people put themselves through this?”

So without further ado here are 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts on the first date.


Smell good but don’t pour the entire bottle on yourself. Your date still needs to breathe in fresh air. Also try to look good in something you feel comfortable in, believe me when I say that confidence makes a huge difference.


Wear something too revealing. You don’t want your date getting the wrong impression about you. It might send the wrong message like your a pimp or part-time gigolo and that you’re an easy lay.


Have ice-breaker questions up your sleeve, well not literally guys, that would be awkward unless you’re beyond being a smooth operator. In that case, I don’t know why you’re here but stay wethu you might learn something. Back to the matter at hand, ice-breaker questions are perfect for those awkward silent moments that might come up.


Interrogate your date. You are not a CSI detective or a prosecutor on Suits. Your date is not on a job interview so just chill and take a breather.

Have a conversation, not an interrogation. 


Try to find out more about your date. Do a little research like finding out their likes and interests. That way it’s easier to find common ground. Most importantly you will know if your date is who they say they are, there are so many deceivers in the digital space, you can never be too careful.


Pick a movie as your first date. If your date in a serial killer, just remember its dark in the theater, next thing you know dead as in you’re a corpse.

Horrible jokes aside, excuse the wayward humour, there is no room for conversation at the movies which means no getting to know each other.


Meet in a public place. This is also for safety reasons there are some real creeps out there. It also works really well if you need a quick exit because the date is just not going well.


Bring up your EX! That’s unnecessary baggage and it implies that you are not over them. And if you are not over your ex why are you on a date with another person? No man fix your life!


Show up with enough funds for your own meal and transport back home. Anything can happen, from forgotten wallets to extreme douche bags always be prepared.

Order things you have never heard of or don’t know. Aside from the sheer embarrassment of getting a live sea animal wiggling on your plate when you thought you were getting soup. Remember you’re going to have to put that in your mouth. So always ask if you don’t know that doesn’t cost you anything.

That concludes my advice to you. So go out and kill on your date, not literally, we do not condone violence.

But do have fun, make memories and let that first date blossom into something great.

Written By

Palesa Mosala

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