Load Shedding: Five Ways to Keep Your Mobile Device Charged

Load shedding has become a dark reality for South Africans, severely impacting our daily routines and business schedules.

Mobile devices are therefore now more critical than ever in ensuring we’re able to stay in contact with both our workplaces and our family and loved ones. The question remaining is how we ensure our mobile devices stay charged during the hours of load shedding – especially as the Easter weekend approaches and families go on holiday.

“For travellers, using a mobile device GPS in areas they are unfamiliar with is vital, as is having a charged cellphone for emergencies,” says Michelle Beetar, Cell C Chief Customer Experience Officer.

Follow these simple tips to keep your device charged:

  • Charge your phone in the car

If you do have a car, make sure you invest in a car charger for your cellphone. When load shedding occurs and you do not have enough battery life, you can always charge your device in the car.

  • Get a USB power bank

Make sure you always carry a power bank or two as they will come in handy. Keep them on charge whenever the power is on.

  • Use your laptop

Make sure to keep your laptop charged if you have one so that when the lights go out you can charge your mobile devices on it. The great thing about a laptop is that you can carry it to different locations and still charge your phone.

  • Invest in a power inverter

A power inverter can change DC (direct current) power from a battery into AC (alternating current) power that you can use to power various devices in your home including lights, computers, microwaves, cellphones, and kitchen appliances. You won’t be able to run a household on an inverter, but you’ll have enough to charge mobile devices and run some appliances, depending on its size.

  • Think about getting a UPS

This is an uninterruptible power supply that can power electronics during blackouts. It can run for a few hours.

Just remember to always carry your DataBlock device, to protect your from potential vulnerabilities

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