6 milestones to chase in your twenties

Milestones They say your twenties are the best years of your life. Your twenties are all about finding your feet and finding yourself. You’ll have your heart broken, fall out with a friend and make some questionable financial decisions. You’ll feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Some days you’ll be on top of the world and on other days you won’t want to get out of bed. But you need to roll with the punches life throws at you and make the most of your twenties.

Here are a few milestones you’ll conquer in your twenties.

Your first real job

Landing your first job is the ultimate sign that you’re all grown up. You’ve put in the hard work at school and obtained your qualification. And now you’re about to enter the working world whether you end up in your dream company or not. Starting your first job is exhilarating because you’re now part of the working world and you’ll get to earn a salary and be a little independent. You’ll need to work hard and persevere in order to climb that corporate ladder.

Your first apartment

Your twenties are when you finally cut the umbilical cord and start making your own decisions. It’s time to “adult”. And one of the major decisions you’ll make is moving out of your parents’ house. You may experience a lot of emotions when you finally decide to leave the nest. The feelings could range from sheer excitement to anxiety. You might be wondering if you’ll be able to make it on your own. Because there won’t be free food,  electricity and lodging. You now have to pay for all you need yourself because you’re all grown up. You need to rent an apartment which is convenient and affordable. Is your new home close enough to your work? Are there shopping complexes nearby? Does the rent fit your budget? You need to ask yourself these questions in order to find the perfect place.

Your first car

You might have been driving your parent’s old car for some time but now you want to a better car. You’re finally earning a salary and you can pay your own bills. When it comes to buying a car it’s important to be realistic about what you can afford. You shouldn’t opt for the latest shiny new models which can put you in debt. Work out your budget and find a car which you can afford monthly instalments. You opt for private car sales, or buy from a dealership or even auctions.

Change careers

If you begin to dislike your job you may wake up every morning filled with dread. And get a sinking feeling every time you drive to work in the morning. Many people have been in your shoes and they’ve had the daunting task of deciding whether to change careers or persevere. You may be thinking about all the money, time and energy you used trying to obtain your qualification. Sometimes a little courage can go a long way. Do some introspection and find out which career would be most fulfilling for you.


Whether you travel by yourself or with a group of friends, your twenties are the perfect time to go out into the world. You may go on road trips, take a cruise or fly across the world. Travelling will be good for you because it’ll help you step out of your comfort zone and be exposed you to new cultures. You might end up snorkelling in the Maldives, walking the Great Wall of China or eating baida roti in Mumbai. Your twenties are the perfect time to explore, take risks and experience things for the first time.


In your twenties, you’ll learn that money doesn’t grow on trees. And you have to learn how to budget. You’ll be responsible for managing your finances and making sure you don’t get into debt. Spending all your money on designer brands and eating out every weekend could leave you broke. You’ll need to learn how to spend your money wisely and save. You could open up a savings account and use the money to pay for your car or go on holiday.

You’re at an age where you’re old enough to make wise decisions. But young enough to be forgiven when you make silly mistakes. Your twenties are a time to figure out your life’s purpose and pursue your dream job. While you’re still young you should try out new things because you have more flexibility and less responsibility.


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